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Market October 29, 2017    Sold December 8, 2017
Producer Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Christian Baha
Executive Negin Salmasi
Agent Keya Khayatian, Jordan Lonner (UTA)
Manager Harry Lengsfield, Sam Warren (LBI Entertainment)
Production See-Saw Films
The spec was sought after by several companies before See-Saw finally landed the rights. UTA and LBI brokered the deal.
The quirky dramatization of the founders and philosophy behind Google.
Co-Founders of a successful company must decide the direction their company will take after a hack in their system challenges their very mortality.
Google's cofounders must decide how to proceed after Google's files are hacked by China.
Google founders rush to deal with a hacking incident, while the story of Google's founding runs parallel.
Comedy, Drama, Biopic, Computer, Film, Science, Technology
M White 36 Average
The Big Short, The Internship, The Social Network, I, Tonya
a few months, scenes ranging from 1977 to 2010
Google Offices in North America and China, various conference rooms, NSA office

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NIKOLA TESLA and THOMAS EDISON are introduced. Edison doesn't pay Tesla and Tesla ages and dies penniless.

In a Google conference room in 2009, LARRY PAGE (36) is told by ERIC SCHMIDT (54) and HEATHER ADKINS (32) that Google has been hacked.

Larry introduces himself as the co-founder of google and discusses how Google is used. He is pulled from this to continue discussing the hacking at Google. He then discusses how Google began in 1995 from a dream he had. After it was created, he showed it to the CEO of another search engine who told him it was too good. Larry continues to discuss Google and it's amenities in the present before being pulled from his explanation by Eric. He then goes on to explain Eric's role as CEO and what he is like as a person. Heather tells him that the hack originated in Taiwan and infiltrated the California office, using the Law Enforcement Request System to look up Chinese citizens. Larry explains his partner, SERGEY BRIN's (36), background and that he does not like that Google operates in China. Larry then explains Google's unofficial "don't be evil" rule. Sergey says that they should pull out of China. Because...