• Take Back the Night
  • Ryan Riley
  • Hit List Set Up 2017 Thriller
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Market November 2, 2017    Sold November 15, 2017
Producer James DeMonaco, Sebastien Lemercier
Agent Charles Ferraro (UTA)
Manager Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment)
Production New Regency, Man in a Tree
11-15-2017 - Was said to be a competitive situation. Unclear if New Regency intends to finance the movie.
Two vampires fight to protect their livelihood from the monsters who invaded their farm searching for the only human left on earth: their daughter.
Two loving vampire parents must protect their bubbly five-year-old child, the only human on earth, from the dangers of a world full of vampires.
Two vampire parents must protect their young daughter, the last remaining human, from a group of desperate vampire scavengers.
Two vampires try to save the life of their daughter, who happens to be the last human on Earth.
Action, Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Dark, Daughter, Father/Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Gory, Husband/Wife, Monster, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Parent, Parenthood, Psychological Thriller, Relationship, Rural, Soldier, Survival, Suspenseful, Transformation, Vampire
F White 35 Attractive
"Daybreakers", "28 Days Later", "I am Legend", "Against the Dark", "Priest," "A Quiet Place," "Twilight"
Future, Spans a Few Days
Takes place entirely in the same rural region. Includes Farm (exterior), Barn, Farmhouse, Forest

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In a country farmhouse, EVE (4) sits in her room as night falls, surrounded by BLISS (9) and STEWART (1), her two guardian pit bulls. Her parents, vampires KENT (Adult) and AVERY (looks 30s), enter the room and hug Eve.

Avery goes about her chores on the farm – collecting food for Eve and blood from the animals that the family keeps for her and Kent. The family’s house is secluded and surrounded by fields of garlic. A sign indicates that it is a research facility. Over dinner, Kent reveals that a plague has killed some of the garlic, which will take time to regrow.

Later that night, another vampire, HARRIS (Adult), comes to the house after smelling Eve, the first human he has smelled in nearly a hundred years. Kent and the dogs--whose teeth are lined with silver-- kill Harris, but Avery still worries that more will come. Kent reassures her that they do not need to worry about moving. A few days later, a group of vampires arrive. EDGAR (Adult), their leader, states that they were sent from the nearby city in order to find food. Kent allows the vampires to feed on their animals--although not kill them--and stay in...