• Genius aka The Last Samurai
  • Josh Stolberg
  • Drama Family . No Manager 2011 Available Top Drama Top Family
  • 84.2
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Market April 5, 2011
Director Tom Dey
Agent Julian Thuan (UTA)
A struggling single-mom raises a child prodigy who comes to know just about everything there is to know except for the one thing he wants to know most: his father.
An eleven year old genius starts out on a search for his biological father despite his mother's wishes.
University dropout single mother raises young prodigy son who knows just about everything but who his biological father is.
As a mother works through the emotional impediments that keep her in poverty, her precocious son undertakes a search for his unknown father.
Children, Drama, Adaptation, Family, Coming of Age, Film, Martial Arts, Samurai
M White 10 Attractive
Little Man Tate, A Beautiful Mind, The Red Violin, August Rush
Present, Five Years, with flashbacks to one night five years ago, 18th century Vienna, 1960s Korea, and Chad desert (present).
London flat, London tube, Royal Festival Hall, interior of concert hall, Whitechapel art gallery in London, Battersea Townhouse, library, elementary school classroom, The Ritz hotel, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Cambodia, 18th century Vienna, village in Sahara desert.

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SYBILLA (30s) narrates the lives of boy geniuses such as Mozart and Bobby Fischer, and laments that for each boy genius there is a failed genius who dies penniless. At Mensa, a gathering of intellectuals, Sybilla drunkenly works a crowd and collapses, helped by RED DEVLIN (?) and GEORGE SORABJI (?). In a dank London flat, LUDO (5) watches Kurosawa's "The Last Samurai" while Sybilla, his mother, translates a book. Ludo doesn't understand the film and Sybilla tries to explain it to him. Ludo asks to learn Japanese. Sybilla says she doesn't have time and lists many books he must read--including Ovid's Metamorphoses and A Thousand and One Nights--before she teaches him Japanese. simple characters, but Ludo writes and understands advanced characters almost immediately. Ludo and Sybilla take the tube, where a passenger is astonished that Ludo reads Greek at age 5. Various passengers upbraid Sybilla, saying Ludo should be playing football or other boyish activities. Sybilla is having trouble paying the rent on her meager wages from translating magazines, and the heating is off. Ludo says his father could help them pay the rent, but Sybilla isn't in touch with his father and won't tell Ludo who his father...
Reader 1 Comments
A struggling single-mom raises a child prodigy who comes to know just about everything there is to know except for the one thing he wants to know most: his father. An excellent and touching coming of age drama with engaging and unique characters, memorable dialogue and a creative structure. The mother, Sibylla and the son, Ludo are both relatable because their dramatic needs are real. Their exchanges are tense but loving, creating an authentic and distinctive mother-son relationship. The cuts between the scenes involving the stamping of the books that Ludo has are creative and keep the pace engaging. This is an Oscar-worthy drama....
Reader 2 Comments
"Genius," adapted from Helen DeWitt's award winning novel "The Last Samurai," is an intellectually stimulating, pathos filled mystery focusing on genius eleven-year-old Ludo's journey to find his biological father. Sybilla, Ludo's mother, is unwilling to disclose Ludo's father's identity and instead uses "The Last Samurai" for paternal influence. Ignoring her wishes, Ludo acquires the names of several world-class geniuses that could be his father, and confronts each of them in turn. "Genius" has a strong cast of colorful, distinct characters that include a world class Bridge player, an unrivaled painter, a controversial musician, and a journalist reminiscent of Harrison For. "Genius" is a compelling if formulaic coming-of-age adaptation with likable lead characters and strong writing....
Reader 3 Comments
“Genius” is a drama about SIBYLLA raising her prodigy son LUDO. Ludo’s constant thirst for knowledge grows as he secretly searches for his biological father. Being too smart for school Sibylla puts Ludo in judo classes because of their inspiration from the movie “The Last Samurai”. Ludo uses this movie to help describe his life and the men he thinks are his dad. The creative references and conflict make this drama full of tension and memorable characters....
Reader 4 Comments
A child prodigy who goes on a search for his unidentified father likens his journey to the search for four samurai in the classic film "Seven Samurai". His mother, a linguist who is unable to finish her thesis and obtain a work permit due to an emotional block, insists that she and her son live in poverty. Despite their poverty son and mother discover what each is looking for, even if what they are looking for turns out to be different from what they thought it would be. Witty and dramatic dialogue is used in a unique way to relate a plot about the unusual relationship between an improbably young and precocious child and his also brilliant mother. Yet the development of neither character is tracked through a true spine, resulting in an episodic premise which lacks a true heart to the story, or through line....