• Breaking News in Yuba County
  • Amanda Idoko
  • Black List No Manager 2017 Available
  • 77.8
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Market September 6, 2017
Agent Lindsay Dunn, Nick Hoagland, Andrew Mathes, Meyash Prabhu (WME)
After catching her husband in bed with a hooker, which causes him to die of a heart attack, Sue Bottom buries the body and takes advantage of the local celebrity status that comes from having a missing husband.
A woman tired of being invisible takes advantage of the heart attack of her cheating husband to pretend that he went missing and gain the media's attention. Things get complicated when her husband's money laundering scheme causes a criminal group to look for the husband in search of a missing million dollars, threatening to expose the wife's secrets.
A formerly forgettable small-town wife relishes her rise to fame when she buries her dead husband and reports him as missing.
After catching her husband in bed with another woman, which causes him to die of a heart attack, a woman tired of being invisible buries the body and takes advantage of the fame that comes from having a missing husband.
Thriller, Black Comedy, Affair, Conspiracy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Criminal, Female Protagonist, Guns, Husband/Wife, Mid-life Crisis, Organized Crime, Robbery, Violence/Violent
F White 43 Average
Gone Girl, Heathers, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Baby Gone, Silence of the Lambs
Present, three days
100% Yuba County, CA. A bakery, multiple houses, int. car, electronics store (eventually burning), bank, restaurant, motel, news station, police station, jewelry store, the woods, diner, warehouse, shopping center,

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SUE BOTTOMS (40s) walks into a bakery listening to affirmation-based recordings, reminding herself that she has high self-worth and lots to offer the world. She receives a cake that has misspelled her name and the cashier does nothing to remedy the mistake. At a nearby electronics store, Sue's brother-in-law, PETER 'PETEY' BOTTOMS (early 30s), is working a menial job stocking electronics. He and the store owner's wife, DEBBIE (40s), immediately erupt into an argument that they seem to have all the time, until the store owner, GEORGE (40s) breaks them up. A menacing looking duo, RAJ (30s) and KAVI (20s), enter the store and threaten Petey, demanding to know where his brother, Bill is. When Petey gives them the information they want - while under duress - they immediately leave the store and head to the bank where Bill works. At the bank, BILL BOTTOMS (40s) is accosted by Raj and Kavi: they want him to wash a suitcase full of money - a job that he has done for them multiple times in the past. The money is from Kavi's father. They give him 24 hours to do the job before they come back. After they leave, Bill begins...
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OVERALL (Recommend)
In this dark comedy thriller, a woman who is tired of being overlooked takes advantage of the heart attack of her cheating husband to pretend that he went missing and gain the media's attention. Things get complicated when her husband's money laundering scheme causes his brother and a criminal group to search for the husband to get back money that he had stolen, threatening to expose the wife's secrets. This captivating and original premise has an interesting structure with intersecting plotlines, it creates a believable world without plotholes and has efficient dialogue that is believable and contains subtext. The characters are well developed and show change, although the protagonist's comes too early, which removes the internal conflict from the story at the turning point. There is plenty of external conflict, however, and the tension is high throughout. An earlier climax would have made the pacing even better. The writing is nearly perfect with almost no errors....
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OVERALL (Consider)
“Missing” is a spin off of a missing person/murder mystery. Instead of focusing the audience's attention on the journey to uncovering who committed the crime, we are instead given the perspective of the “criminal” who in fact has not murdered anyone. “Missing” chronicles formerly forgettable Sue Bottoms’ rise to national fame when she reaps the attention drawn towards her after her husband’s “disappearance.” But Bill isn’t really “missing.” He died of a heart attack brought on by the shock when Sue caught him having sex with his mistress. Sue buries him in the woods and uses her sister’s news network connections to concoct a conspiracy between Bill’s alleged disappearance and that of a local girl who’s actually missing. But while this may bring Sue the attention she’s always craved, her fame leads to the death of many people connected to her, and reveals that Sue is not the sweet, complacent, utterly forgettable woman everyone assumed she was. This narrative has an innovative use of perspectives and excels in playing with crime film commonalities. While the pacing is engaging and the characters intriguing, the tone is inconsistent and there are some complications with the various subplots and supporting characters that convolute the throughline. With some re-working, “Missing” has the makings of a fresh kind of dark comedy that would be worthy of consideration....
Reader 3 Comments
'Breaking News in Yuba County' follows the story of a Sue Bottom when her husband dies while in the coital embrace of another woman, she decides to capitalize on the fame of having a missing husband. Overall, the premise is funny and interesting - it's unique but also similar to that of 'Gone Girl' in many ways. The characters are unique, comedic, and relatable. The dialogue is a little lacking as it comes across as too corny for some characters while perfectly fine for others. The conflict goes well with the basic structure but has a lot of moving parts. The craft is good and suitable for the tone....