• The Expansion Project
  • Leo Sardarian
  • Action Black List Hit List Sci-Fi Set Up 2017
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Market October 13, 2017    Sold December 4, 2017
Producer Joby Harold, Matt Schwartz, Tory Tunnell
Director Brad Peyton
Agent Adam Perry (APA)
Manager Adam Riback (Echo Lake)
Production Safehouse Pictures
Studio Warner Brothers
A rookie female marine gets stranded on a hostile planet during humanity’s space colonization with nothing
but an Exo-suit that’s running out of fusion power.
After a crash landing, a female marine must fight through a planet's hostile environment and rebel army in order to be rescued at a rally point before her futuristic armored suit runs out of power and oxygen.
After her crew's spaceship crashes during a colonization mission, a marine must survive on the hostile planet long enough to escape.
After crashing during a military mission on another planet, a young Pilot must survive the hostile environment and make it back to her crew.
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Adventure, War, Espionage, Female Protagonist, Film, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Futuristic, Gory, Guns, High Concept, Mainstream (studio), Man vs Nature, Marooned, Military, Science, Soldier, Space/Outer Space, Survival, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent, Warrior
F Unspecified 30 Fit
“The Martian”, “Gravity”, “Pitch Black”, "Riddick", "Avatar", "The Revenant", "Predators", "Edge of Tomorrow"
In the future, one or two days.
Spaceship interior, body suit interior, mountain top, dense forest, avalanche, cave, rebel outpost, volcanic lava pit, escape pod

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A female voice narrates a poem, as scenes of a hostile foreign planet are shown.

ATLAS SHEPHERD stares at the planet from the bridge of an Expansion Project vessel. It is revealed that Earth is having a shortage of resources, and that the Expansion Project was formed to establish habitable human outposts on other planets. She speaks briefly with her parents, who are back on Earth, before she is summoned for her first mission as a Pilot. She slips into her bodysuit – a high-tech, weaponized spacesuit tailored perfectly to her body. GIBSON, the suit’s robotic assistant, informs her that her weapons are suit are all functional for the mission.

Atlas meets her team, and they are informed that they will be taking part in a recon mission. They are to gather information on a rebel outpost located on the planet, and then meet at a rendezvous point to be returned to the main ship.

The team deploys, and is almost immediately attacked by rebel drones. Atlas is shot down, and lands, unconscious, on one of the many snow-covered mountains that dot the planet. She reawakens, injured, and is informed by Gibson that her suit only has 18% battery. Without it, she will...