• Green Rush
  • Matt Tente
  • Black List No Agent Set Up 2017 Thriller
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Market November 17, 2017    Sold November 20, 2017
Producer Brian Oliver, Will Packer
Manager Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue Management)
Production Will Packer Productions, New Republic
11-20-2017 - Brian Oliver's New Republic acquired the spec for mid-six figures. Oliver and Will Packer Productions decided to team to avoid a bidding war. Tente had no agent when the spec was sent out or sold.
It follows an ex-con recently paroled from prison who sets out to turn a new leaf and reconnect with his daughter. When she convinces him to help her steal millions in medical marijuana dispensary taxes collected in cash by City Hall once a month in order to evade the federal authorities, he risks everything to make his daughter’s scheme come true.
A father on parole commits the biggest crime of his life to get his daughter out of prison before she's victimized by the same system that imprisoned him.
After being released from prison, an ex-con enters back into the life of crime after his daughter reveals her plan to rob a marijuana dispensary.
An ex-convict agrees to help his daughter pull off a robbery of City Hall in Los Angeles.
Action, Drama, Crime, Betrayal, Chase, Con, Cop/FBI/CIA, Drugs, Father, Father/Daughter, Fatherhood, Film, Heist, Prison, Robbery
M Black 40 Average
Hell or High Water, The Heat, South Central, The Usual Suspects, Die Hard, Fast Five
Present, Over a few months
Grow House, Apartment, Car, Diner, Marijuana Dispensary, Street, Bus, City Hall, Warehouse, Correctional Facility, Courtroom, Ocean's Eleven, Mission Impossible

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ASHLEIGH TAYLOR (black/20s) sells marijuana to JEFF and ERIC (late-20s), two preppy guys. As the guys leave, they agree they would be able to clone it.

That night, while Ashleigh is asleep, a power strip in her grow house catches fire. She attempts to save her plants, but it is no use.

LU TAYLOR (black/40s), Ashleigh’s father, gets paroled from prison, and plans to reconnect with his daughter. He goes to see KEISHA (40s), Lu’s former lover and Ashleigh’s mother, who is now married. Meanwhile, ROSANNA CORTES (30s), DEA agent, investigates the grow house fire.

Ashleigh calls Steven, her partner. Steven has heard about the fire, and coldly asks that she see him right away. Ashleigh meets with Jeff, who runs a massive grow operation. Suddenly, she spots a row of her cloned plants, and erupts with rage.

Later, Lu visits Ashleigh at work, a marijuana dispensary. There is a mix of emotions between the two, so Lu simply leaves a note for where to find him.

Ashleigh visits Lu at his grueling diner job. She asks him to help her rob City Hall in order to get the money that she needs to start her own dispensary. Lu is wary. He agrees only to...