• Kate
  • Umair Aleem
  • Action Black List Hit List Set Up 2017 Thriller
  • 77.5
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Market October 19, 2017    Sold October 19, 2017
Agent Bryan Besser, Nicholas Mohebbi (Verve)
Manager Will Rowbotham (3 Arts Entertainment)
Studio Netflix
A woman has 24 hours to solve her own murder.
A highly skilled assassin has only hours to hunt down her own killer after receiving a deadly dose of poison.
A veteran assassin hunts down her killer after receiving a deadly poison that gives her only hours to live.
An expert assassin must find her killer after learning that she has been fatally poisoned.
Action, Thriller, Crime, Dark, Death, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Hitman, Killer, Organized Crime, Revenge, Violence/Violent
F Unspecified 45 Attractive
Salt, John Wick, The Bourne Identity, Crank, Kill Bill, La Femme Nikita
Present day, 24 hours
Tokyo (intersections, streets, bath house, nightclub), Hotel room interior, office building, restaurant

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Glimpses of the neon-lit city of Tokyo. Someone shudders and gasps. In a voiceover, we hear KATE (Adult) discussing her desire for retirement with VARRICK (Adult). Varrick tells Kate that he will meet her face-to-face in Tokyo to discuss retirement after she finishes her assignment.

Kate, alone in a bar, ends her phone conversation with Varrick. STEPHEN (Adult), an American, flirts with her, and the two have sex in Kate’s room. She pays him and he leaves. A BELLBOY (Adult) brings a cart with wine and a case containing a scope rifle. She drinks the wine, assembles the gun, and leaves with a precise efficiency.

At dawn, she is directed via an earpiece to the roof of an adjacent building. There, she assembles the rifle. As she is about to shoot her target, a horrible pain grips her stomach, and she vomits blood. The target leaves, but she tracks him and kills him. As she drives her escape vehicle, the pain becomes unbearable, and she crashes the car. Sometime later, Kate awakes in the hospital, and is informed by her doctor that she has been poisoned with radioactive material, and has less than a day to live. Determined to find her murderer,...
Reader 1 Comments
“Kate” centers on a female assassin who, just as she is on the verge of retirement, is given a fatal dose of poison. She has twenty-four hours to solve her own murder before the poison kills her. “Kate” is a thrilling, quick-moving action film, which places a resilient, skilled assassin in the heart of Tokyo, and has her face off against a number of mafia foes. The structure, with interspersed flashbacks of Kate’s backstory, add emotional depth to her character and show the greater resonance of her actions. The stakes are high, and the action is surprising and exciting; the writing style is exceptionally effective, conveying images with precise language. Though the dialogue could be made to be a bit more memorable or distinctive, overall, the film is well-paced, featuring a fascinating protagonist and great forward momentum....
Reader 2 Comments
“Kate,” about a veteran assassin who hunts down her killer after receiving a deathly poison that gives her only hours to live, offers a fresh and exciting perspective as a female driven action thriller. It features a strong and thoroughly dynamic female protagonist who faces compelling multi-layered conflicts resulting in a fully realized character arc that feels truly rewarding. It never indulges in its action either, instead committing itself to its central conflict of a woman desperately racing against the clock to find out who killed her. This is, of course, enriched considerably through its poignant character relationships which strengthen “Kate's” complex internal conflicts. Dialogue appropriately presents contrasting perspectives and feels specific to “Kate's” unique milieu. While its unique relationship provides the ground work for a uniquely compelling emotional core, it could, however, use some minor tonal work could as a few moments stands out as feeling somewhat too dark and alienating....
Reader 3 Comments
“Kate” follows Kate, an expert assassin, who ruthlessly hunts down her killer after she learns that she has been fatally poisoned. While the premise is engaging, the narrative’s execution makes it feel like any other action film. Kate is a rigid, unyielding protagonist who seems one-dimensional at times, and there are few other engaging characters in the narrative. Moreover, the lack of development of a significant internal conflict, and the ease at which Kate overcomes the obstacles placed before her, makes several key instances of the plot seem unrealistic. Finally, there are several plot holes and unanswered questions that make certain aspects of the narrative unconvincing and unbelievable....