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Market October 19, 2017    Sold October 26, 2017
Agent Trevor Astbury, John Campisi, Joe Cohen (CAA)
Manager Britton Rizzio (Writ Large)
Production QC Entertainment
Sales Agent Good Universe
QC and Good Universe will produce and finance. Production scheduled for 2018.
A young medical prodigy is pushed to the mental, physical, and emotional brink after joining an elite team of doctors that treat the rarest, most gruesome and dangerous illnesses on Earth.
After graduating with the highest medical achievements, a young doctor gets her first job working in an underground decontamination room to treat people with the most gruesome, paranormal abnormalities known to man.
A gifted medical student is chosen to perform in an elite and undercover medical operation that treats demonic parasites. However, the operation suddenly goes awry when the parasites take over.
Drama, Thriller, Horror, Apocalyptic, Doctor, Evil, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Futuristic, Gory, High Concept, Illness, Killer, LGBTQ, Monster, Psychodrama, Sex, Survival, Tragedy, Workplace, Zombie
F White 27 Average
Alien, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, World War Z, Midsommar
1 night, present day.
quarantined examination room, parking garage,

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MEGAN DWYER walks into a locker room that has become a makeshift hospital- it is her first day at her new job. She meets Dr. RICHARD HASKEL who orders her to dress and get ready for their inbound. Haskel interrogates Megan on all of her qualifications. He's being really vague with her about what it is that they have to do.

Megan meets GRACE BEACON, who is in charge of the operation, who is very disrespectful towards Dwyer and makes fun of her for being a virgin. Grace beings to taunt Megan and tells her all about what the job really is, trying to scare her out of pursing it. The trio heads down a hallway in the decontamination room. As they begin to set up their medical kits, Megan argues why they won't tell her what is going on, and they state that it is "sacred knowledge", that she cannot handle it quite yet. They motion over to GIBBS int he control room who tells them what they are dealing with. Dwyer becomes worried as the first patient is rolled in- a young girl. The team begins to insert catheters and medications in the girl, stating that she has a...