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Market October 26, 2017    Sold October 31, 2017
Actor Tom Hanks
Director Miguel Sapochnik
Producer Kevin Misher
Production Misher Films
Studio Amblin Entertainment
10-31-2017 - Writers Luck and Ivor were unrepped at the time of sale. This is the first spec tracked for either writer. This marks the biggest acquisition for Amblin since the exit of CEO Michael Wright.
In a post-apocalyptic world, a man spends his dying days with the robot he created to look after his dog.
In a post-apocalyptic world, a gravely-ill man spends his final days traveling across the country and preparing his sentient robot carry on after he passes.
In a post-apocalyptic world, a droid must care for his former master's dog.
Ten years after an atmosphere-destroying apocalypse, a robot is built to protect his dying creator's dog. The robot soon exhibits growing humanity, learning about the value of life and the nature of human relationships.
Drama, Sci-fi, Adventure, Apocalyptic, Dog, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Film, Friends/Friendship, Futuristic, Heartwarming, Journey, Parent, Road Movies, Robot, Survival
M Unspecified 55 Average
I Am Legend, I, Robot, Children of Men, Mad Max, Wall-E, The Quiet Earth, Enthiran
Near Future, The bulk takes place over the course of a few days, the Epilogue over a few years
International Space Station, Supermarkets (Target, Walmart), Destroyed City Streets, Wind Turbine Station, Underground Bunker, Winnebago, Hotel, Mountain Road, Roadside Diner, Tunnel, Desert Road,

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Seen from space, a destructive wave of gamma rays send a catastrophic electromagnetic force across earth's atmosphere, vaporizing the ozone layer and forcing the planet into darkness.

Ten years later, in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, FINCH WEINBURG, his mechanized trolley nicknamed DEWEY, and his beloved dog pick up resources needed to survive at a deserted Walmart. On his way back to his underground bunker, his wristcom informs him that another harmful dust storm is approaching. He barely makes it back.

In the bunker, Finch works tirelessly to build a droid while tending to the dog However, he is sick due to the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, and fights a violent cough. He keeps a postcard depicting the Golden Gate Bridge with him at all times.

Finally, Finch brings the DROID to life and orients it with basic commands. He orders the droid to look after the dog in the event that Finch is not around. Soon after, he asks it to predict weather data. The droid determines that a superstorm will pass through within a day, and confine Finch to the bunker for between one to three months. Knowing he will not have enough food to survive, Finch decides to put the dog,...