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Market September 12, 2017    Sold September 12, 2017
Producer Nico Mastorakis
Agent Daniel Cohan, Howie Tanenbaum (ICM)
Manager Tom Lassally, Will Rowbotham (3Arts)
Financier Endurance Media
A family of elite thieves is tasked with pulling off the most daring heist in history- stealing one billion dollars from the vault of London’s largest bank.
A family of criminals attempts a heist on the most secure bank in the world.
A trained criminal must reunite with her family to pull off the biggest heist of their careers in order to save her fiancé.
A criminal mastermind and her family try to must rob one of the largest banks in the world in order to save her fiance.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Art Heist, Criminal, Daughter, Dysfunctional Family, Ensemble Cast, Father/Daughter, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Heist, Kidnap, Money, Organized Crime, Rescue, Robbery, Siblings, Suspenseful
Ultra High
F Unspecified 27 Fit
"The Family," "Ocean's 8," "Mission Impossible," "Logan Lucky," "The Bank Job"
Present, Over a Couple of Months
Locations in various cities and locations around the world (Buenos Aires, Naples, Chicago, Swiss Alps, Amsterdam, London, Athens). Bank int./ext., cell interior, hotel interior, plane interior, beach, the Parthenon, train int./ext., airports, waterfront running trail, penthouse, various streets, underground tunnel.

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On a rooftop in Buenos Aires, LIV SHEPHERD (27), her father MAX SHEPHERD (52), and their family rob a luxury residential building, narrowly escaping police. The return home, only to find Max’s nemesis, AGENT ALEC FOURNIER (50s) and the rest of Interpol occupying their home. The family flees, and Liv reveals that she is leaving a life of crime behind and moving in with her boyfriend, ROSS (30s). Ross and Liv live together happily, and soon become engaged. Meanwhile, Liv’s family struggles to pull off heists without Liv, who usually masterminded their jobs.

One day, Liv returns home and finds her father’s former partner, HEMLOCK (50s), who has just been released from jail. Hemlock and his team have abducted Ross, and tell Liv that she and her family must help him with a heist in exchange for Ross’s life. Liv reunites with her family, and Hemlock tells them that they must rob one billion dollars from the London Bank, which is one of the most secure banks in the world.

Liv’s brother, GABE (20), a computer genius, hacks into the bank’s security system. Meanwhile Liv and her father formulate a plan to drill into the bank’s underground vault, which is guarded by...