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Market September 11, 2017    Sold September 22, 2017
Agent Ryan Levee (APA)
Manager Kendrick Tan (Madhouse Entertainment)
Studio eOne Entertainment, MGM
9-22-2-17 - MGM and eOne split the purchase. High six figures. 9-2017 - Two unnamed producers are attached. The project went out wide.
A female-driven contained horror inspired by the infamous Indiana Demon House.
A single mother fights to protect her children and herself from insidious forces inside their house.
A young family is haunted by a mysterious presence after moving into a new home.
A single mother and her children move into a small Indiana house hoping for a fresh start, but they soon discover there are evil entities trying to gain control over them.
Hour-Long Serialized
Thriller, Crime, Horror, Supernatural, Cult, Dark, Death, Demons, Evil, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Ghost, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son, Psychological Thriller, Siblings, Suspenseful
F Black 35 Average
Sinister, Insidious, The Conjuring, Monster House, The Shining, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Woman in Black
Present, A Few Weeks
Several locations in Gary, Indiana. Scenes in an interview room, a courtroom, a CPS office, an apartment, two houses (one of which is burned down in one scene), a cemetery, and a church.

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In a quiet suburban neighborhood, a family is brutally murdered.

Later, SARAH LEWIS (30’s), a child protection services agent, is put on trial for negligence following the murder-suicide of her previous clients. The lawyer cites the death of Sarah’s daughter as the reason for her negligence.

One year later, Sarah is assigned to the Walker family – BREYANN WALKER (9), who refuses to speak, MARCUS WALKER (14), and JAMIE WALKER (7). The children are reunited with their mother, TONYA WALKER (30’s) after the apparent suicide of their father.
The Walker family moves into an old, derelict home. Almost immediately, the family’s cat, MR. WHISKERS, goes missing. Tonya consoles her daughter by giving her an old doll that she finds in the basement. The family plays a game together – Don’t Look Behind You.

Later, Jamie sits and talks with an unseen figure in his closet.

At night, Breyann awakes, finding that her doll has been moved mysteriously across the room. She tries to get rid of the doll, but it keeps showing up at random around the house. Jamie plays Don’t Look Behind You with unseen spirits in the basement.
Supernatural occurrences become more frequent in the Walker household. While searching the basement, Tonya finds the...