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Market September 13, 2017    Sold September 13, 2017
Director Richard Shepard
Agent Marissa Devins, Josh Hornstock, Carolyn Sivitz, Julien Thuan, Hailey Wierengo, Allan Haldeman, Larry Salz (UTA)
Manager Tom Lassally (3 Arts Entertainment), A.B. Fischer, Steve Simons (Shuman Company)
Studio Miramax
Two cello prodigies share an obsession that drives them in a sinister pursuit of perfect.
Two women take revenge for abuse they have suffered in their pursuit to become the world's best cellists.
A cellist who left the music world to take care of her sick mother seeks revenge when she meets a younger cellist who accomplished what she should have.
Hour-Long Serialized
Thriller, Horror, Female Protagonist, Film, Murder, Psychological Thriller, Revenge, Secrets, Violence/Violent
F White 24 Attractive
I Know What You Did Last Summer, Saw, The Handmaiden, Black Swan, Tusk
Present day, over a few weeks
Mexico - airport, villa, hotel, bus interior, roadside Boston - apartment interior, mansion interior, performance studio

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CHARLOTTE (20’s), lands in Mexico City, where she meets her former cello teachers, TOMAS (ADULT) and PALOMA (ADULT). They console her for the death of her mother, and thank her for coming to Mexico.

In her hotel, Charlotte looks at a magazine with a photo of LIZZIE WELLS (20’s), a world-famous cello player who took Charlotte’s place after she left Tomas’ Bachoff Academy to take care of her ill mother.

That night, Charlotte helps to judge a competition held by Tomas and Paloma to decide which young girl will be given a full ride and private lessons at Tomas’ academy. She meets Lizzie, who is co-judging the competition. The two women form an instant connection, and, after performing a duet for the gala’s audience, sleep together. The next morning, Lizzie convinces Charlotte to travel with her on her week-long vacation through South America. Charlotte agrees, and brings Lizzie Advil for her hangover.

As the day progresses, Lizzie becomes extremely ill. Still, she insists on going forward with the trip, and the two women board a bus to a remote part of Mexico. At first, the trip goes well. Suddenly, Lizzie becomes violently ill, defecating and vomiting in the bus. With nowhere to go...