• Black and Blue FKA Exposure
  • Peter Dowling
  • Action Drama No Manager Set Up 2017 Thriller
  • 77.1
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Market August 21, 2017    Sold August 21, 2017
Producer Sean Sorensen
Executive Eric Paquette
Agent Debbie Deuble Hill (APA)
Studio Screen Gems
A rookie African-American female cop in Detroit rounds the corner just as corrupt officers are murdering several drug dealers, an event captured by her body cam. They try to kill her, and she is hunted throughout the night by the narcs who are desperate to destroy the incriminating footage and also a criminal gang who have been told she did the killing.
An African-American Detroit cop is caught in the middle of police corruption and is framed to be corrupt and a murderer after her body camera captures everything.
A rookie cop must run for her life as she is hunted by the officers who she witnessed gun down three young boys.
When a young black cop in Detroit witnesses a drug deal gone wrong, she must choose between her job and her humanity before she is killed herself
A rookie African-American police officer witnesses corrupt cops executing gang members, setting off a chase as the cops try to get her body cam footage.
A black cop wrestles with the complexities of her identity when she captures an unarmed suspect being killed on bodycam as the cops responsible hunt her down.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Crime, Chase, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Corruption, Criminal, Dark, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Identity, Organized Crime, Police, Secrets, Social Commentary, Suspenseful
F Black 26 Fit
Training Day, Street Kings, Die Hard, The Departed, Cop Land, Narc, Colors
Modern Day over the span of several days.
Precinct, various streets, Abandoned buildings, crackhouses, gas station

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A series of shots of Detroit, Michigan. A once booming city, but now a ghost town. ALICIA WEST (26) is jogging along the empty streets, through a cemetery where her parents are buried. Alicia is pulled over by cops. Excessive force is used until they discover that she is a cop just like them. Alicia patrols the precinct with her partner KEVIN. They discuss a tower that has been there for a long time, and they presume a kingpin lives there. Kids with guns are playing on the playground outside. They notice a fire going on that no one is doing anything about it. They pull over a car and address several issues around town.

During their patrol, Alica runs into two old friends; MISSY JACKSON (27) and her brother MILO "MOUSE" JACKSON (30) as well as Missy's son, JAMAL. Tension is thick as Alica fails to rekindle their friendship. She tries to flirt with Mouse, but he says that he doesn't date cops. At the end of their shift, SHIFT SERGEANT, asks Kevin to do double. He groans about his date night with his wife prompting Alicia to take the offer. She is introduced to officer ROYCE BROWN (50s) and...
Reader 1 Comments
The Detroit police force starts to introduce body cameras in order to create transparency and Alicia West, a new cop, is one of the first to use them. However, after getting mixed up in an act of police corruption, she is suddenly being framed and pitted against the police force and her own community. “Exposure” is bold, dynamic, and promises an original exploration of what it means to be an African-American cop in the current socio-political climate. Besides being an entertaining chase for survival, filled with sharp turns and pot twists, there is a nuanced sensibility that questions identity, racism, and the lack of transparency in the police force. In many ways, “Exposure” goes beyond being fun and action-filled and teases out a social commentary that is provocative, intelligent, and important. One of the strengths here is this original take on a common concept, which naturally becomes a socio-political statement itself by having such a unique and complicated protagonist. The premise is intriguing, the sense of conflict compelling, and the characters are well-constructed and supported by believable dialogue. All of these elements are complemented by a fast and engaging sense of pacing. The structure could still use more developed structural beats and the premise has the potential to expand beyond focusing on one long chase scene. Nonetheless, “Exposure” is definitely something that hasn’t been seen before and has the potential to provoke significant questions and sentiments....
Reader 2 Comments
“Exposure” tells the story of a black female cop who is framed for murders only she witnesses, and must stay alive long enough to clear her name through her body cam footage. This thriller lives up to the hype as after falling off of a roof, things only get worse for Alicia. She gains empathy by being caught in two worlds: the black community and her police community. When she is framed, the only person she can turn to is the one person she does not want to risk getting hurt. The mysteries slowly unravel as “Exposure” shows who can and cannot be trusted....
Reader 3 Comments
When a young Detroit cop takes on her first night shift rounds, she witnesses a drug deal gone wrong where her partner murder somebody unjustly. This then prompts her to be faced with the Internal dilemma of if this is against her convictions, or if she is going to let her partner get away with it. For the most part, the majority of the elements throughout “Exposure” are very strong, which is especially seen through the strong pacing, structure and tone. For a high-speed thriller, the pacing is continuously strong and fast, hardly ever wavering in its continuity. This is on account of strong structural elements in the classic three-act structure of the premise. The tone is Very consistent with the genre, and never waivers and his deliverance of something really dark and high stakes. The only issues with elements throughout are dialogue and character, which are both very bland and neglected in its entirety....
Reader 4 Comments
“Exposure” follows Alicia West’s efforts to expose corrupt police officers. When she witnesses her partner taking place in a murder, the rookie policewoman decides to upload her body cam footage and expose him, even if it means losing the comaraderie of her fellow officers. The corrupt officers’ determination to get to Alicia matches her own determination to expose them, keeping the tension and suspense high as both parties try to outsmart each other. Though Alicia’s dedication to justice and policework ill-suits her for dealing with corrupt officers, her internal struggle to understand the relative insignificance of the status of the uniform to the law-abiding of its wearer is resolved before the midpoint. Because her flaw is addressed and dealt with early on, there is no clear growth on her part after the climax, and her obscure background makes it difficult to form a sympathetic connection with her at the beginning....
Reader 5 Comments
A black female cop captures evidence of corruption on a body cam forcing her to be on the run. Unusual allies come to her aid as a hit is placed on her head. The premise of this feature is intriguing especially in the current climate surrounding cops and communities of color. It is executed well due to the fast pace. More details explaining the intricates between cops and communities of color can be explored especially since the protagonist is a well-developed character. As the feature reaches the climax the pace keeps the momentum high. The development of the ally character becomes resourceful as they right their wrongs by helping the protagonist avoid death....