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After begrudgingly letting his wife adopt a retired and unhealthy racehorse, a struggling artist discovers the animal is able to paint well-received modern artwork. As the two bond and adjust to their growing fame, the artist struggles with his own craft, and must face the possibility of losing his physically-worsening new companion.
An artist and his wife agree to care for a former race horse with behavioral and health problems but a talent for painting. As the horse becomes famous though, its health deteriorates and forces the artist to decide whether caring for his pet is more important than making money.
A struggling artist and a retired racehorse gain national attention and help each other gain a new lease on life after the artist teaches the horse how to paint.
Drama, Adaptation, Animal Lead, Art, Fame, Feel Good/Uplifting, Heartwarming, Husband/Wife, Performance, Performer, Rural, True Story
M White 48 Average
Seabiscuit, Dolphin Tale, The Horse Whisperer, Marley and Me, Saving Winston
2010s/ About 2 Years.
Takes place 100% in rural Maryland; includes a small house with an art studio, a gallery, a horse-race track with spectator stands, multiple farms with barns to house horses. Also includes outdoor pastures and riding trails.

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Artist RON KRAJEWSKI (48) has quit working in the electronics industry in order to pursue his dream of becoming a successful painter. However, Ron struggles to create an abstract painting DONNA (42), a local gallery owner who sells his more commercial art, likes. One day, after his wife WENDY (40) returns home from work, the two decide to go to the racetrack to see a horse Wendy is interested in owning, METRO (?). Metro’s owner, TONY MERCER (50s), wants to give Wendy the horse for free. Although Metro limps after the race and attempts to bite those around him, Wendy and Ron agree to take Metro.

When their stable owner, KAREN ABERNATHY (38), forces Wendy and Ron to get proof of Metro’s health, DR. WILSON (60s) tells them that Metro is underweight and has ulcers, arthritis, and bone chips. Dr. Wilson estimates that they will have to euthanize Metro. Wendy refuses. Soon after, she leaves town for her job, and Ron is left to care for Metro. While Ron struggles to care for the horse, Ron notices that Metro likes paintbrushes. Ron asks DR. KIM BROKAW (28) for a second opinion on Metro’s health. Kim wants to treat Metro with medications...
Reader 1 Comments
"Painting with Metro" is a heartwarming drama that follows a struggling artist who learns that his wife's new horse has the ability to paint abstract art. However, as the artist gets closer to the horse, the horse's health condition worsens, and the artist must find a way to take care of him while navigating their new-found fame. The premise is highly engaging, packing the intrigue of a true story with a unique spin on the animal genre. The linear structure effectively maintains tension throughout, though the climax and resolution could be more impactful. The protagonist is likable and layered, but he could be more active when it comes to his overall goal. Though the external conflict is strong, the internal conflict might need some more escalation. The dialogue differentiates characters by their background, excepting the protagonist, whose voice seems to lack consistency. The writing is strong, with barely any technical errors. Overall, the narrative is effective in generating emotion, though it hovers between the family genre and a unique dramatic character study. There's a great story here, and a few adjustments could make it a solid and fresh addition to the horse-narrative genre....
Reader 2 Comments
“Painting with Metro” revolves around a struggling artist who finds success working with his horse, whose health worsens until the artist begins to think that he will have to euthanize the animal eventually. Although a clearer source of tension could be built into the premise, the plot introduces multiple layers of conflict for the protagonist to overcome. This often allows for suspense to build effectively. Dialogue is consistently conversational, and action description offers clear and evocative details. However, some developments seem like they should be depicted further to foreshadow later events. Additionally, characters have room to be explored more to showcase their strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs and to build toward the changes they undergo....
Reader 3 Comments
"Painting With Metro" is based on the real life events of Metro Meteor, an ailing retired racehorse who learns to paint with the help of his new owner, Ron. Through his painting, Metro gains national attention and raises enough money to pay for his own medical bills and donate thousands to a number of horse charities around the country. The premise is a great, simple, inspirational story with strong internal and external conflicts built right in. The structure and pacing of the piece has a good ebb and flow of tension throughout, making it an enjoyable read. All of the characters are well rounded and the protagonists, both Metro and Ron, are easy to root for, each faced with separate challenges to overcome on their journeys toward happiness and prosperity....