• Ballerina
  • Shay Hatten
  • Action Black List Drama Hit List Set Up 2017 Thriller
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Market July 25, 2017    Sold July 25, 2017
Producer Basil Iwanyk
Agent Joe Mann, Praveen Pandian (CAA)
Manager Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
Studio Lionsgate
7-2017 - Lionsgate won in a bidding war.
The story centers on a young woman raised as an assassin who must hunt down the other assassins that murdered her family. The project is described as in the vein of La Femme Nikita.
After her husband is murdered by an assassin cult, a retired contract killer is forced back into her violent past in order to seek revenge.
After her husband is killed by a rogue assassin faction, an assassin seeks revenge for the death of her family
A rogue assassin seeks to decimate an entire population as revenge for the death of her family.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Thriller, Betrayal, Corruption, Cult, Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Revenge, Troubled Youth, Vigilante, Violence/Violent
Ultra High
F White 30 Attractive
La Femme Nikita, Salt, Atomic Blonde, Inglorious Bastards, Scandal (TV Series)
Brief initial scenes in 1718, 1856, 1964, 1972, 1980, the rest takes place presumably in the Present.
Family house, social services office, group home, ext private military corporation, bar, hotel, apartment, Moscow marketplace, restaurant, cruise ship, town in the Swiss Alps and surrounding mountain roads, auto shop, Rio de Janeiro high rise, Berlin city streets, Chicago city streets, warehouse, bookstore, int/ext Nissan Leaf, convenience store, burger joint, bowling alley, city hall, forest, burning houses, old folks’ home, Hawaiian cliffside, Hawaiian beach

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1609. German invaders pillage a village in the Swiss Alps, killing villagers and rounding up the children to take with them. 1718. A female assassin kills a drunk man in a tavern alley. 1856, In a brothel, a PROSTITUTE pulls a knife on the man riding her and slits his throat. 1964. In a Ford Mustang driving through the middle of the dessert, a YOUNG MAN slits the throat of the middle-aged WOMAN driving the car. 1972, In a movie theater, MAN 1 strangles MAN 2. 1980. On a ski slope, DUDE 2 pulls a gun on DUDE 1, but Dude 1 falls and breaks his neck before Dude 2 can actually kill him. Flash forward to present. YOUNG ROONEY BROWN (6) receives a gift from her FATHER, an ornate music box with a ballerina inside. It belonged to her mother and now it’s Rooney’s turn to have it. Rooney isn’t very accepting of the gift because she wants her mother back instead. The quiet scene is interrupted with noise at the front door. Rooney’s father opens it only to be shot dead. The SHOOTER tries to go after Rooney as well, but she outsmarts him at the top of...