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Market June 14, 2017    Sold October 16, 2017
Producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg
Agent Sidney Sherman (Rosa Entertainment)
Financier Stay Gold Features
10-2017 - Stay Gold acquired in a competitive, bidding situation.
Project details being kept under wraps but being pitched as American Sniper meets Cast Away
During a retreat in the Alaskan wilderness with his beloved dog, a former Navy SEAL suffers a severe heart attack and must survive long enough to get them back to civilization.
When a storm hits the Alaskan wilderness, a former Navy SEAL and his dog must fight their way through nature back to civlization
After suffering a massive heart attack, a former Navy SEAL must hike through the Alaskan wilderness to safety, accompanied only by his loyal combat dog.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Nature, Airplane, Dog, Film, Journey, Man vs Nature, Military, Survival, Suspenseful
M Unspecified 38 Fit
127 Hours, The Revenant, Cast Away, The Grey, The Mountain Between Us
Present, over a few days
Alaskan wilderness, tent interior, plane interior

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JAMES STERLING (Late 30’s), a former Navy SEAL, and his combat dog ODIN fly to a remote part of the Alaskan wilderness for a weekend of camping. They enjoy the solitude, observing wildlife, fishing, and playing fetch. James notices that his left arm is very sore after playing with Odin, but thinks nothing of it.
Their stay is interrupted by the arrival of WATKINS (Late 50’s), an eccentric retiree canoeing through the Alaskan wilderness. He stays the night with James an Odin, warning them of an oncoming storm. The next day, James and Odin fly home. During the flight, James suffers a massive heart attack, and crashes the plane into a lake. Odin is thrown from the plane, and James manages to wake up and escape the plane before drowning. He finds Odin, unconscious but alive and otherwise unwounded. James retrieves their supplies – stored in a waterproof box – from the plane, and sets up camp just before the storm hits.
James plots a route to the nearest road – nearly 50 miles away. The next day, he and Odin set off, carrying limited supplies. James is visibly weakened from his heart attack, and they make slow progress.
The pair are forced...