• The Mother (Misha Green)
  • Misha Green
  • Action Black List Hit List 2017 Thriller Available
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Market June 1, 2017    Sold June 5, 2017
Agent Andrew Miller, Peter Micelli (CAA)
Studio Netflix
Details kept under wraps, but the story is in the vein of The Professional and La Femma Nikita.
Years after a soon-to-be mother abandons her career as a contract killer, she must enter back into her violent past in order to protect her estranged daughter.
A former sniper and contract killer must go back on the grid in oder to protect her estranged daughter from her dangerous past
After years of self-imposed exile, a former sniper must confront her dark past in order to save her daughter's life.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Thriller, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Guns, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood
F White 35 Fit
Hanna, Taken, Salt, John Wick, Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Present day, over the course of several weeks
CIA interrogation room, jail, Alaskan wilderness, Florida, Cuba, Budapest

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A YOUNG WOMAN (Adult), eight months pregnant, is interviewed by CIA AGENT STONE (Adult) and AGENT CRUISE (Adult). A flashback to The Woman and HECTOR (Adult) having sex. Afterwards, he tells her that he loves her, and gives her a sniper rifle.
Suddenly, a sniper fires through the window in the interrogation room, killing Stone. As Cruise and The Woman try to escape, Cruise is shot. The Woman saves his life, but cannot escape the building. She hides in the bathroom, where she is confronted by ALEXEI (Adult), who stabs her in the stomach. She lights Alexei on fire, and escapes to the CIA agents waiting outside.
Later, Cruise wakes up in a hospital room, The Woman watching over him. She convinces him to hide her newborn daughter and keep her safe. A flashback to The Woman and Alexei kiss while they discuss killing Hector.
Jump to present day. The Woman had become The Mother. She lives, alone, in the wilderness of Alaska. After killing a deer, she takes it to JONS (Adult), a shop owner and old friend of The Mother. He hands her a postcard with the number of a shipping container and a time on it. The Mother rides inside...