• Neverland
  • Aaron Henry
  • Action Drama Family Hit List 2011 Top Action Available Top Drama Top Family
  • 82.1
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Market March 7, 2011
Agent Charlie Ferraro (UTA)
Manager Adam Goldworm (Aperture)
As a young man tries to find his place within the streets of London, his life suddenly becomes an adventure as he pursues his lost love that is taken by a mysterious figure into the mysterious and infamous Neverland.
An inventive imagining of Captain Hook's origin story, where a young British seaman attempts to rescue the kidnapped love of his life from her tormentor, Peter Pan, on the dangerous fantasy island, Neverland.
A handsome and earnest young street urchin embarks on a daring and fantastical adventure to rescue his true love from the villainous Peter Pan.
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adaptation, Adventure, Family, Period, Film, Kids Movie, Pirates
M White 23 Attractive
Peter Pan (1953), Peter Pan (2003), Hook, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White and the Huntsman, Wicked (the book/broadway musical), Star Wars (Episodes 1-3), Maleficent (in production), Alice in Wonderland (2010)
1772 - Several Hours; 1795 - A Few Months
30% 18th Century London, 70% Neverland (A fantasy island): 3 Large Estates, a Royal Yacht, a Pirate Ship, Brig, Underground Mines, Ocean, Large Oak Tree, Underground Cavern, Streets of London, Jungle, Indian Camp

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In 1772: Four faeries kidnap a newborn from his parents’, a duke and duchess, estate and bring him to PETER PAN (15), a menacing, immature, narcissistic boy warrior. Peter is freaked out by the infant and rejects him and leaves him on a poor fisherman’s doorstep.

Later, the boy, JAMEY (23) and his friend STARKEY (24) are poor fishermen and amateur thieves and are caught stealing by a VICE ADMIRAL (?) of the British Royal Navy who, instead of reprimanding him, sees potential in him and offers him a job as his personal servant and seaman. Jamey then meets DELPHINE (17), the out-of-his-league, fiesty daughter of a Barrister, who he falls for. Then Pan kidnaps Delphine to become the lost boys new mom, but Jamey captures one of Pan’s faeries, Mag Mell. The Vice Admiral helps Jamey and Starkey steal a ship, gets killed in the process, and the captured faerie shows them the way to Neverland so Jamey can rescue Delphine.

A British naval ship catches up to Jamey and Starkey, followed by a Pyrate ship, led by CAPTAIN RED BEARD (40s) and his first mate SMEE (20s), which quickly destroys Jamey’s ship. In order to avoid walking the plank, Jamey...
Reader 1 Comments
“Neverland” is a fantastic and entertaining adventure drama with a twist on the old tale of Peter Pan, giving it a darker tone than the previous remakes. Instead of Peter Pan being the protagonist of the drama, it follows the life a Jamey, who follows Peter Pan into Neverland to retrieve his love Delphine who Pan has captured to make her him and the lost boys mother. What’s great about the events and character Jamey is the transformation he goes through due to the antagonistic Peter Pan, as Peter is seen as the villain throughout he drama and Jamey as the hero fighting to save the girl. The suspicious quirks of Jamey during the events, the shocking death of Delphine in the climatic end at accidental hands of Jamey due to Peter dropping her, and the sudden dismemberment of Jamey’s hand from Peter’s blade is amazing and an exciting reveal of Jamey’s newfound quest of taking down Peter Pan for what he has done to his life, who now roams Neverland searching for Pan as the newly formed Captain Hook....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (4)“Neverland” is an action-packed imagining of Captain Hook’s origin story that posits a young Captain Hook as the protagonist trying to rescue the love of his life from the petulant, insane Peter Pan. This has the potential to be a huge family tentpole hit with franchise-ability, as the tale can continue with Captain Hook continuing to try to defeat Pan in Part 2 and him coming to his tragic demise with the arrival of Wendy in Part 3. The title could certainly be improved to make more obvious that this is Hook’s origin story and Neverland-like-it’s-never-been-seen-before, but that expectation should be set with the trailer and additional marketing.
PREMISE (5)"Neverland" is the origin story of Captain Hook, where JAMEY (23), a compassionate petty thief becomes the vengeful Captain Hook by the conclusion after the psychopathic PETER PAN (15) kidnaps and eventually murders Jamey's girlfriend, DELPHINE (17). This premise is strongly in line with the many successful reimaginings of fairy tales that are currently on trend (Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman) as well as the numerous similar forthcoming projects like Malificent, and the different Pinnochio and Tinkerbell projects. This premise has the legs to compete with the best of these future projects, especially considering its many similarities to the now ended Pirates of the Caribbean franchise....
Reader 3 Comments
With Peter Pan as the villain and a young Captain Hook, Jamey, in the role of hero, "Neverland" offers a fresh perspective on the classic tale. Jamey's earnestness plays well in contrast to Pan's corruption, yet the supporting characters and conflict are underdeveloped, with an emphasis on the external over the internal. A well-framed adventure, the plethora of events and subplots saturates the structure and forces a rushed pacing. Written with a refreshing sophistication, the descriptions are occasionally marred by anachronistic or awkward phrasings while some dialogue is inconsistent with characters' rank or background....