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Market February 16, 2011
Actor Taylor Lautner
Producer Michael Bay
Agent  (CAA)
Production Platinum Dunes, Taylor Made Entertainment
When a young valet driver takes a secret agent’s car for a joyride, he must also take on the agent’s mission in order to survive.
A valet is forced to drive-for-your-life after he witnesses the murder of a covert government agent.
A parking valet gets caught up in a game of survival when a beautiful secret agent recruits him to stop a series of assassinations and help clear her name.
Action, Thriller, Adventure, Crime, Conspiracy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Espionage/Spy, Film, Hitman, Martial Arts, Survival, Troubled Youth
M White 20 Attractive
Drive, The Driver, Abduction, Wanted
Present, one night
Caracas, Venezuela – one scene at an airbase. Chicago – low-income apartment, boardwalk, construction site, gun shop basement, high school football field, high-income full house, elevated subway, government intelligence office, Navy Pier, congressional hearing room, live theater, university campus, abandoned warehouse. Safe-house roof and room. Dive bar and backroom. Luxury hotel entrance, garage, hallway, helipad, restaurant, room, and stairwell. Mansion ballroom and driveway. Half of the scenes are driving on the street.

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International arms dealer, and high-profile prisoner, MOZER AZIRI (44) is escorted via aircraft by federal agent JEB PAXTON (?) to Chicago where RYAN POE (20) displays impressive driving skills in a race with his friend and coworker, TEDDY (20), while valeting cars for the Four Seasons Hotel.

Mid-flight, Aziri threatens to hijack the plane by killing agents whose names he shouldn’t know. Paxton informs his superior, MARTHA KENNA (58), who discovers that Aziri bought the names from private contractors – killers for hire. Kenna’s team hustles to notify the endangered agents and bring them in for protection. Back at the hotel a handsome man, later known as CALLUM WENTS (?), arrives in an Aston Martin One-77. Ryan takes it on a high-speed joyride, but an unexpected call for Callum on the car phone breaks Ryan’s concentration. In the confusion, Ryan cracks a side-mirror of the car. He heads to Callum’s hotel room to apologize. Mid-apology, gunshots ring out and Callum is killed. He was number one on Aziri’s list. Callum’s beautiful companion, MIA KRANE (34), convinces Ryan to flee with her. On their way to the car, Teddy is killed. Ryan and Mia escape in the One-77 as Callum’s hotel room...
Reader 1 Comments
“Valet” is a fantastically entertaining adventure of the same caliber as many successful action thrillers. The 20-year-old protagonist, Ryan Poe, and his impromptu secret agent partner, the beautiful Mia Krane, strive to stop a mole in Mia’s agency with the vigor of “The Bourne Identity” series. Both are incredibly likeable, and Ryan is a more believable young hero than Sam Witwicky of Transformers fame. Mia is instantly stunning with her fighting prowess and clear, no nonsense spy skills. And the stunning sports car chase sequences are as enthralling as those in “The Transporter”, “Gone in Sixty Seconds”, and “The Fast and The Furious.”...
Reader 2 Comments
“Valet” is a gripping action ride about a valet who gets dragged into the middle of a group of hit men who are targeting covert government agents. After one agent is killed, his partner shoots her way to escape taking the valet along with her. He can’t run away because he’s been seen with her and is suspected to be an agent by the hit men and is framed as the murderer in the eyes of the agency. With his driving skills and her fighting skills, they evade capture and getting killed until they locate the mole in the agency and hit back....
Reader 3 Comments
Ryan, a valet at a fancy hotel, gets swept up into a dangerous mission for survival with an attractive secret agent as an international arms dealer manipulates the deaths of people involved in his extradition. The plot is tight and well written, offering up a fun, action-packed ride with interesting characters and sharp dialogue. While it isn’t the most original premise, and the structure falls short in its dramatic beats, everything else is interesting and would play well on a screen....