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Market April 6, 2017    Sold April 6, 2017
Executive Sean Robins, Todd Garner
Manager Alex Lerner (Kapln/Perrone Entertainment)
Agent Eric Garfinkel (Gersh)
Production Broken Road Productions
Studio Universal Pictures
Based on the true story of a couple who rushed to plan their dream wedding after learning one of them has liver cancer. To make sure they got the wedding of their dreams, they moved the date up and raised more than $52,000 for the Toronto wedding through a GoFundMe Account. They were married four months before the groom died.
Based on a true story, a couple rushes to plan the perfect wedding when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer and told they have only three months to live.
Two lovers must decide how to proceed with their relationship when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Based on a true story, a young couple rushes to plan their perfect wedding, after a terminal cancer diagnosis gives the groom only three months to live.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Romantic Comedy, Dating, Death, Film, Heartwarming, Illness, Inspirational, Love, Medical, Non-Fiction, Relationship, True Story, Wedding
M Asian 25 Average
The Big Sick, The Fault In Our Stars, A Walk to Remember, Love Story, The Vow
Present, five years
Indoor and outdoor locations in Cleveland, Ohio Bookstore, restaurant, West Side Market, sports bar, apartment, hospital, animal shelter, diner, fertility clinic, Lake Erie beach, castle wedding venue, bridal shops, Amish farm, funeral parlor

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SOLOMON CHAU (20) and JENN CARTER (20) shop at the West Side Market in Cleveland, Ohio, and laugh and argue playfully as they try to decide what to make for dinner.

Jump ahead five years, and Sol and Jenn, now both 25, are sitting on the couch and filming an iPhone video of themselves. Sol is clearly very ill. They tell the story of how they met, and we see the moment: Jenn is at a Legends Sports bar with her friends MEGAN FLETCHER (20), and AMANDA DENHOFF (21); Sol is there with his friends KYLE MESSINGER (20) and DAVE COLELLA (21). Jenn and Sol immediately hit it off.

Back to filming the video, Sol takes his medications: he has late stage cancer. He begins coughing deeply. Later, Jen watches the videos of Sol on her laptop, including an older one of Sol’s wedding proposal to her.

We cut back to a time when Sol was healthy, just after the engagement. They are moving into a new apartment. Sol is unhappy with his job, and Jenn encourages him to take a job as a line cook, but he worries about being able to make ends meet. Jenn later complains to Amanda that Sol...