• Heathens
  • Mike Doyle
  • Drama No Agent No Manager Scouted Thriller Available Top Non-Fiction Top Thriller Unrepped
  • 75.4
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Producer Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat
Based on a True Story. Circa 1970s, a dysfunctional narco cop, suspended for unruly behavior, is tapped to go undercover to infiltrate a motorcycle gang that's suspected of stealing weapons from a military depot, but once inside he discovers the much darker truth of this organization, which ultimately puts his own family in jeopardy.
When some of the Army’s weapons go missing and a motorcycle gang he is familiar with is the suspect, an undercover agent who is being investigated by internal affairs for a wrongful killing is asked to go back undercover to retrieve them and clear his name, but is also putting his family at high risk.
After his last assignment went south, a cop on suspension is given the opportunity to redeem himself by infiltrating a ruthless biker gang that may have ties to illegal arms. But he soon discovers that the gang not only has the illegal weapons, but are delving into human trafficking, and are planning on overtaking their current leader, who is aware of their intentions.
In 1978, an undercover cop responsible for killing one of their motorcycle gang members with whom he was embedded is given an ultimatum: go back undercover and retrieve a cache of stolen military guns, or be prosecuted for the killing.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Family, Period, Agent, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Criminal, Dark, Detective, Drugs, Father/Son, Gangs, Guns, Husband/Wife, Illness, Investigation, Kidnap, Marriage, Mother/Son, Murder, Non-Fiction, Organized Crime, Prison, Prostitution, Troubled Youth, True Story, Undercover, Violence/Violent
M Unspecified 27 Average
Taken, The Whistleblower, Serpico, Point Break, Eastern Promises, Sons of Anarchy (TV), The Departed
1978/ One Month.
100% Venice Beach including storage units, a townhouse, a bar, an apartment, city streets, the interior of car

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TEDDY (12) with his stepbrothers, ROBBIE (13) BEN (15), hear STAN (60s), his stepfather, beat Teddy’s mom, DEB (40s). Teddy beats Stan with a shovel.

TEDDY (now 27) kills JOHNNY (30s) during a drug deal after he starts to beat CASSY (late teens). Teddy is brought in by cops, but he’s revealed to be an undercover agent. CARLSON (40s), an internal affairs agent, questions Teddy. VAL (20s), Teddy’s wife, thinks he needs to quit the force and move to Colorado. GENERAL BENTON (50s) tells Teddy that the only way out of the I.A. investigation is to go undercover and find the Army’s weapons that the Heathens stole. Later, Teddy tells SANDS (50s) he’ll take the Benton job. Teddy sets up at SHEP’s (70s) shop. He follows MUSTER, RASH, BAILEY (30s), and ERIC (30s). They discover he’s tailing them and take him to LYNCH (50s), the Heathens leader. Lynch agrees to buy from Teddy when it’s revealed Cassy is his daughter.

At a party, Teddy sees Eric inject his wife CARLA (30s) with drugs, while his daughter, SARAH (13), watches. Teddy delivers cocaine to Lynch. He then sees a GIRL (teens) come running out screaming before being caught and dragged back inside by...
Reader 1 Comments
“Heathens” is a crime thriller about an undercover agent trying to take down a deadly biker gang. The premise sets the stage for interesting characters and situations. The narrative structure allows for a complete story to be told, but the flashbacks may need to be reworked to be more effective in moving the plot forward instead of simply divulging backstory. There are some solid elements to the protagonist’s execution, but other areas fall a bit flat, such as character arc. Also, some conflict resolutions feel a bit convenient and easy for the protagonist, and internal struggle could stand to be punched up. The external conflict does contain moments of truly visceral tension, and the writing is well-paced and mostly on par with industry standards....
Reader 2 Comments
Centered around a cop infiltrating a biker gang for stolen weapons, "Heathens" is a mostly well written, and frequently entertaining entry in the police genre, with interesting characters, a fast pace, and a good third act that is action packed and satisfying. Areas of improvement include some possible character work, as there are a couple characters that feel interesting, but may come across as underdeveloped. There's also a couple of structural beats, mainly with the flashbacks, that feel somewhat intrusive in their current form, making the death of a side character feel less impactful than it should. Despite these notes, "Heathens" is frequently fun, and has a narrative that contains elements of subversion that helps it stand out in the genre....
Reader 3 Comments
“Heathens” is a period cop drama about a detective who goes undercover in a motorcycle gang, threatening his life and his family to find a cache of stolen guns and save a group of teenage prostitutes. A fast paced, well plotted thriller takes a protagonist through a harrowing quest, but somewhat neglects his character arc and particular conflicts. A few major ideas lack credibility, but a strong tone upholds the feel of a thriller, even if it misses a few promising opportunities to explore thematic elements. “Heathens” is a solid work in progress, and with ongoing effort, could eclipse its genre definitions....