• Rise of the Unusuals
  • Action Fantasy Scouted Available Unrepped
  • 76.9
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After seeing his best friend killed by a shapeshifting superhuman, a wounded former Navy Seal is lead to a mysterious yoga ashram who has ties to this deadly assassin, and uses their training to overcome his physical disabilities and gains superpowers himself.
A former Navy SEAL swears revenge on the powerful shapeshifting villain responsible for his best friend's death, but finds that his only chance of doing so involves joining a group of "super yogis" who practice mind control to harness their nonviolent powers. As he learns their methods and hones his own superpowers, the villain enacts a plan to set off a catastrophic tsunami, forcing the man and his fellow yogis into a battle over the fate of the world.
A Navy Seal who witnesses his best friend’s death during an attack by a vengeful terrorist with an extraordinary ability to manipulate nature vows his own revenge on her. He discovers her history with the secret, elite yoga sect she rebelled against, whose remaining members want him to harness his own potential for superpowers in order to stop the terrorist.
Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, War, Chase, FBI, Franchise, Friends/Friendship, Identity, Man vs Nature, Military, President, Super Hero, Terrorist, Transformation
M Unspecified 35 Fit
X-Men, Avengers, Watchmen, X-Men: First Class, The Tomorrow People (TV), Legends of Tomorrow (TV), Doctor Strange
Present Day/ One Year.
80% US, 10% Afghanistan, 10% Off the Coast of Spain including the ocean, islands, a plane, homes, a desert, huts, an airport, The White House, FBI field office, ashrams, a freighter ship, small boats, a helicopter, and the ocean

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ERIC ADAMS (30s), a Navy Seal, is on a mission with his best friend ZANE (30s). There's a close call in the mission where a drone strike was about the kill a few kids, but Zane and Eric save them, and the mission is a success.

While on a plane home, Eric and Zane see TINA (20s), who is behaving mysteriously. Soon she reveals herself to be PHYSIQUE, a superpowered woman who tears up the plan with her bare hands. Eric and Zane are pulled out, but before they hit the water, Zane uses his body to shield Eric. Zane is killed, but Eric survives, albeit losing the use of his legs.

Physique meets up with BLINDSIDE (30s), a superpowered colleague. They plan for more disasters.

At the hospital, Eric relays his story to the Navy, but they don't believe him. Overhearing them is ARIAL (20s), who soon confirms that Eric's description of the woman matches Physique's. Eric demands to know if she knows where Physique is, but she refuses to tell him. Eric manages to track her down to a yoga ashram, where she is with SAMSA (20s) and FATHER DIEGO (50s). 

Father Diego reveals to Eric that Physique is like them: She...
Reader 1 Comments
Centered around superpowered beings that gain their powers through yoga, "Rise of the Unusuals" is a well written and frequently fun entry in the superhero genre that delivers a unique take on the origin story. With good characters and themes, as well as nicely executed set pieces and an enjoyable tone that does not shy away from its dramatic elements, it also includes some comedic moments that add a lot of levity. There can be some minor character notes, such as its lead becoming a bit too powerful as the narrative goes on, a romantic subplot that could come across as rushed in its current form, and some small dialogue notes. However, "Rise of the Unusuals" has elements of strong execution, making it a welcome installment in the genre....
Reader 2 Comments
“The Rise of the Unusuals” is an action-driven superhero feature about a Navy SEAL who must join a band of super powered yogis in order to take down the villain responsible for his friend’s death. A classic superhero piece is rendered through an honorable and changing character, from whose journey even more can be derived. External conflict propels the highly cinematic action, with increasingly high-stakes setpieces making for a cinematic experience. The unique take on powers differentiates the piece, which could stand alone as an interesting entry into a stacked genre....
Reader 3 Comments
The superhero action thriller about a paralyzed Navy Seal who seeks revenge for his friend’s death via the unlikely power of yoga and meditation features an energetic pace, a classic tone for the genre, and an interesting meditation angle that isn’t common in similar works. The logistical details of the attacks and the search for the terrorist fall into place, as do her motives. An active character takes action to see victory towards his goal, though a bit more could be done to create a basis, then later a definitive final test, for his general character arc. Despite the areas that could use a bit of refinement, the narrative is an engaging adventure....