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Market January 13, 2017    Sold February 15, 2017
Manager Mia Chang (Tunnel Post), Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue Productions)
Agent David Boxerbaum, Valarie Phillips, Adrian Garcia (Paradigm)
Studio Fox Searchlight
Production Weimaraner Republic Pictures
1-2017 - Sold for six figures.
The remarkable true story of two strangers from two very different worlds who fight to get Anne Frank’s diary published. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, who lost everyone and everything in the war, begs, and borrows his way across Europe in his attempt to bring Anne’s story to the world. And Barbara Zimmerman, a young editor at Doubleday Press and fiercely independent woman, who’s determined to make her mark on the world and change it for the better.
After Anne Frank perishes in the Holocaust, her father Otto Frank struggles to find a publisher for her diary so that her story can be shared with the world.
Following the Holocaust and World War Two, two strangers fight to get the diary of Anne Frank published.
The true story of the obstacles encountered in publishing the diary of Anne Frank such that she might live on after her untimely death.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Historical, Period, War, Father/Daughter, Film, Non-Fiction, True Story
M White 55 Skinny
Darkest Hour, Spotlight, The Post, The King's Speech, The Zookeeper's Wife
1940's, over a period of a few years
Amsterdam - train, train station, factory, home kitchen and bedroom, streets Poland - Auschwitz concentration camp New York - apartment, office, cafe, deli Boston - office buildings

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It is August 4, 1944, in Amsterdam. In the early morning, Nazi officers raid the Opekta Jam Factory, where OTTO FRANK (55) and his family are hiding. His friends and colleagues, MIEP GEIS (35) and BEP VOSKUIJL (25) watch as the family is taken away.

Jump to Doubleday & Co. in New York City – November 8, 1950. BARBARA ZIMMERMAN (23) finds a manuscript in the discard pile with a haunting photograph of a young girl on the front. On the front is the title “THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL BY ANNE FRANK”.

We go back to January 27th, 1945, when the Russian forces liberate the Auschwitz death camp. In June of 1945, Otto Frank, one of the Auschwitz survivors, returns to Amsterdam, where he reunites with Miep and her husband JAN GEIS (Adult). Miep informs him that she has learned that the others who were in hiding at the Opekta Factory are dead, although she does not know the fate of ANNE FRANK (15) or MARGOT FRANK (19), Otto’s two daughters.

In New York, a younger Barbara Zimmerman (19) arrives in New York after running away from home. She stays with her friend, ALICE MCGRATH (23), and begins working as a...
Reader 1 Comments
“Keeper of the Diary” is a historical drama based on real events, telling the story of Otto Frank, who fought to get his daughter Anne Frank’s diary published after her death in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Otto faces significant challenges, and ultimately it is a young editor at Doubleday, Barbara Zimmerman, who helps Anne’s words reach the world. This film has an original and compelling premise, and is unique in the way that it dramatizes an aspect of the Anne Frank story that is not commonly known. The characters of Otto and Barbara are well fleshed-out and sympathetic, and the challenges they face resonate emotionally with the viewer. The writing is rich and renders the visual information and historical atmosphere deftly. While the pacing could be improved slightly and the writing could use slightly less heavy description, overall, the film has a strong and emotional conflict in Otto’s struggle, and provides a new perspective on history....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
In “The Keeper of the Diary”, the audience follows Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, and Barbara Zimmerman, a young typist at a publishing agency in New York, as each fights to have Anne Frank’s diary published. Overall, the premise lays the foundation for an interesting and entertaining historical drama. The characters of Barbara and Otto provide emotionally driven protagonists that are easy for the audience to become emotionally invested in. Moreover, the events of the narrative are superbly structured, such that the lives of Otto and Barbara are woven together in order to tell the story of the publication of Anne Frank’s diary. The result is a compelling narrative giving the emotional backstory behind one of the most famous books of the 20th Century....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
Following the true story of Otto Frank’s struggle to get his daughter’s diary published, “Keeper of the Diary” chronicles the difficulties that arose in ensuring that Anne Frank would live on through her writing. Otto endures numerous rejections and financial difficulty. Eventually, he has to travel overseas to America to find a publisher that will tell Anne’s story exactly as she wrote it. While this scenario offers a compelling narrative and brings to light the numerous obstacles that came with trying to publish the diary we know so well today, the writing itself of “Keeper of the Diary” is much too convoluted to convey this story to it’s full potential. There is an overwhelming overabundance of action and description, which slows the pacing exponentially and distracts the reader from the actual events of the throughline. The interplay between time periods is also confusing, because there is a neglect of proper screenplay format. “Keeper of the Diary” is worthy of consideration for the unique perspective it lends to the legacy of Anne Frank, but it requires some thorough re-writes before it is ready to be truly considered for development....