• The Epiphany
  • Katie Lovejoy
  • Action Drama Hit List No Manager 2011 Thriller Top Action Available Top Drama
  • 81.7
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Market June 8, 2011
Agent Craig Brody (CAA)
A former priest-turned-police detective hunts down a serial killer who is murdering priests.
A former priest-turned-detective embarks on a goose chase to stop a killer from enacting the martyrdom of the twelve apostles during the Twelve Days of Christmas.
An ex-priest turned detective struggles with a less than enthusiastic partner and the faith that he denounced when placed on a case to capture a serial killer.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Faith/Spirituality, Mystery, Cop/FBI/CIA, Detective, Film, Hostage, Kidnap, Mental Illness, Murder, Psychological Thriller, Rescue, Revenge, Vigilante
M White 34 Attractive
Se7en, Dexter (Season 6), The Reaping, The Passion of the Christ
13 Days - December 24 to January 6
City of Boston, South Boston, Boston Harbor, Police Precinct, Fire Escape Balcony, 2 Apartments, 2 Homes, Irish Pub, Streets, Alleyway, Cemetery, Parking Lot, Unmarked Cop Car, Italian Deli, 4 Catholic Churches, 1 Jewish Synagogue, Fishing Wharf, 2 Warehouses, Archdiocese of Boston, Hospital Room, Catholic Graveyard, Hillside, Rundown Building, Nursing Home, Confessional Booth, Bar, Automotive Repair Shop, Dunkin Donuts, Cabin, Barn, Courthouse, Morgue, Psychologist's Office, Survivors Center, Law Firm, Bay Island Bridge, Pope's Island, Newsroom

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JOHN CONNELLY (34), is an attractive ex-priest who denounced the Catholic faith to become a detective. Questioning his faith, it is obvious that Connelly cannot connect emotionally to those who love him leaving their relationships dysfunctional at best: MOLLY REILLY (32) his news reporter girlfriend, PATTY CONNELLY (55) his proud mother, and DANIEL CONNELLY (32) his quiet younger, priest brother.

After a string of murders, Connelly—due to his religious background—is placed on a case to catch the man responsible, MATTHEW QUINN (32), who has become known as the Catholic Crusader. Partnered with seasoned detective, JUDE REID (55), Connelly is initially treated as a disposable rookie who lacks the skills to assist in any valuable way. The first known murders of the Catholic Crusader are discovered by a GROUNDS KEEPER (40) at Golgotha Cemetery. Connelly arrives to the crime scene with the intimidating Police Chief BILL DUFFY (65). The bodies are found crucified in various positions which Connelly deduces relates to the manner Christ’s apostles were killed according to scripture. After cross analyzing the murders of the three men, it becomes apparent that there might be another murder the department is investigating that could be related. Cocky detective PETER O’BRIEN (49) hands...
Reader 1 Comments
Chilling and graphic, riveting at times, this horror/crime thriller follows two police detectives in their chase of a serial killer. Themes like contrition, faith and forgiveness are broached successfully and the characters are often engaging. Despite expository dialogue and some wide flaws in logic, "Epiphany" dares to be controversial centering its action around the Catholic Church molestation scandals, although it ultimately leans towards the light by exonerating the institution and redeeming its morally ambivalent protagonist....
Reader 2 Comments
"The Epiphany" is an effective psychological thriller that accomplishes conveying biblical themes surrounding Catholicism. The premise is both relatable and marketable in its familiar subject matter of religion and the Twelve Days of Christmas that lead to The Epiphany. The characters are compellingly defined and differentiated, which enhances the conflict's circumstances as the Boston Police Department scramble to apprehend the antagonist at large who's killing priests in a paralleling massacre of the martyrdom of the twelve apostles. Tension and suspense are maintained as each murder scene provides a biblical clue to the next killing and keeps the pacing at an ideal speed. Overall, "The Epiphany" is well written and utilizes plant and payoff to establish a powerful three act structure....
Reader 3 Comments
Well written and intriguing, “The Epiphany” establishes itself as a strong, psychological thriller that roots itself in issues of faith and justice. Although it has religious tones, the basic root of the premise is still highly marketable even to those who are outside of the Catholic religion as the undeniable takeaway is the fine line between good versus evil. Strong character development derived from layers of mystery in the protagonist, John Connelly, and the antagonist,Matthew Quinn, serve to enhance the tension and climax while ultimately giving a visual to the horrors derived from childhood abuse and its effect on the psyche. The struggles that John Connelly faces at the hands of Matthew Quinn resonate strongly to anyone who has had to make a decision that would impact more than just themselves....