• Allison Adams
  • Devon Graye
  • Black List Drama No Manager Set Up 2016
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Market September 8, 2016    Sold September 20, 2016
Producer Matt Tolmach
Agent Alex Rincon, Charles Ferraro, Mikey Schwartz Wright (UTA)
Production Matt Tolmach Productions
A little girl goes missing in a small town, and the key to finding her resides with four disparate women who share nothing in common except for the young girl’s name… Allison Adams.
The disappearance of a little girl sets off a series of murders in a small town, all targeting very different women who nonetheless have one thing in common, the name 'Allison Adams'.
After a young girl disappears, four women sho share the child's name find themselves being stalked by a strange man.
one or two sentences pleaseA serial killer rattles a small town, kidnapping an Allison Adams and murdering various other women who share her name.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Mystery, Criminal, Dark, Ensemble Cast, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Gory, Kidnap, Killer, Murder, Psychodrama, Psychological Thriller, Serial Killer, Small Town, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
F Unspecified 32 Average
Split, Gone Girl, Fargo Mulholland Drive
1993-2016 in a small neighborhood/23 years.
Small town, woods, grungy duplex, apartment, diner, various houses, dilapidated house, hospital, park, high school, arcade

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We begin a series of scenes introducing the various Allison Adams's. MISSING ALLISON (9), a young girl, bikes through a neighborhood and approaches a fork in the road. She takes the path to the right and disappears into the woods.

A woman gives birth in a hospital, helped on by NURSE ALLISON (34). The baby is delivered, but it is a dead, premature fetus. Nurse Allison looks on, horrified, but we then realize this is just a vision, cutting to reality where a healthy baby is delivered.

CHEERLEADER ALLISON (16) returns home, washing out her mouth in panic. She takes a shower in a fetal position, terrified, while her mother tries to enter, inquiring about what’s wrong.

DINER ALLISON (49) mans the counter at her diner, accidentally burning toast while distracted by a gossip magazine. A business man enters saying that he’s just hit an animal outside. They go investigate and find a deer writhing in front of the car. Diner Allison shoots it dead.

Nurse Allison enters her apartment, where her mother KIM (60s) sits with her son HARRY (6), who is asleep. They watch news coverage on the kidnapping of Missing Allison, and Nurse Allison remarks at the strange coincidence of them...