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Market April 21, 2016
Agent Amanda Hymson, Gregory McKnight, Susie Fox, Tim Phillips (UTA)
Manager Henry Huang (Heroes & Villains)
A precocious young writer becomes involved with her high school creative writing teacher in a dark coming-of-age drama that examines the blurred lines of emotional connectivity between professor and protégé, child and adult.
This coming-of-age tale revolves around a young, introverted writer who strikes up a relationship with her teacher that is based solely on mutual respect for literature, but swiftly develops into one of intimacy and shared interests, that could have drastic implications.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Romance, Teen, Affair, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Coming of Age, Contemplative, Dramedy, Erotic, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Friends/Friendship, Love, Racy/Raunchy, Relationship, School, Sex, Student, Suspenseful, Teacher, Troubled Youth, Writer/Writing
F White 17 Skinny
Blue Car, Daydream Nation, Edge of Seventeen, Hard Candy
Two months (roughly)
High School, Cairo's room, Cairo's car,

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CAIRO SWEET is writing late at night in her house. Cairo goes to school early, and has a conversation with Mr. Miller. The popular girl, WINNIE comes in, and they get breakfast together. Another teacher comes in after, BORIS, and he marvels at the mature books that Cairo has stacked up on her desk. He pulls out one of Mr. Miller's books from her bag. That night, Jonathan is having dinner with his wife, BEATRICE. They have a brief conversation about Cairo, and Jon goes to the bookshelf and pulls out his book. He pours Beatrice a glass of scotch, and they discuss books and flirt with each other. A week later, Jonathan watches the sunrise with Boris before school starts. Cairo walks up and they get to know each other a little better. Winnie asks Boris to be her physics teacher, and he denies. They both flirt a little bit. Cairo takes notice, asking what is going on since Winnie is a lesbian. Winnie tries to flirt with Cairo as well. Cairo goes to see Jonathan at the end of the day. He begins to recite her short story, and they begin to take about literature. Cairo applauds his...
Reader 1 Comments
"Miller's Girl" revolves around a budding young writer, Cairo, at the peak of her emotional and sexual awakening. Not having many friends to begin with, Cairo strikes up an unlikely friendship with her English teacher, that soon develops into something deeper. This dangerous closeness between the two of them slowly turn into something that neither of them were expecting. The strongest elements throughout "Miller's Girl" occurs within the dialogue, tone, and craft. The only issues that are somewhat apparent, but easily fixable are within the pacing and logic. The dialogue, is by far the strongest element, which is unique to every individual character and helps to progress the plot more than the actual direction and scene headings. The tone is nearly as strong, as it is immediately established within the first scene, and progresses alongside the conflict- spiking in tense moments, and ultimately helps convey underlying elements about the characters themselves. In addition, the craft itself is very advanced and refined, making the premise and structure very easy to follow due to the entirely correct formatting, lack of plot holes, and lack of grammatical errors. The only issues with the pacing is that it starts off a little slow at the beginning. Similarly with the logic; there are several elements in the relationships between the teachers and the students that raise questions, but eventually work themselves out....