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Market September 14, 2016    Sold April 24, 2017
Producer Michael De Luca, John Zaozirny
Agent Simon Faber, Tanya Cohen (WME)
Manager John Zaozirny (Bellevue Productions)
Production RatPac Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions
Studio Universal Pictures
Based on the true story of Madonna in 1980s New York as she struggles to get her first album released while navigating fame, romance, and a music industry that views women as disposable.
A young woman will let nothing or no one get in her way to accomplish her dream of becoming a rich and famous pop star.
Based on the true story of Madonna’s uprise to stardom. She juggles with crumbling relationships, creative control, and a music industry that does not take her seriously.
The coming of age of the icon Madonna, and her struggle between career and sexist expectations of her.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Biopic, Period, Female Protagonist, Film, Media, Non-Fiction, Singer, True Story
F White 24 Attractive
Whiplash, Sid and Nancy, Soul Surfer Salena, What's Love Got to Do With It?
1980's New York. Throughout A Year
70% in clubs, bar/dance floor, Recording Studios, Buisness Offices, Luxury Loft Apartment and Low End Apartments. The rest are in tea shops, city streets, Subway, Diners, 24-hour Drug Store, copy and mailing shop, payphone booth, Pawnshop, Art classroom. Italy

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On the brink of New Years Eve, in the middle of time square MADONNA, 24, interviewed by Dick Clack right before her performance. She tells him her goal for 1984 is to rule the world. 1 year earlier, Present day, she roams through the big city entering her crappy waitress shift. She deals with rude customers and a demanding boss, DEMITRI (?) that can care less for her. Madonna calls NICK WALKER (), office hoping he would be there. No luck. Madonna meets with LUKE WELLINGTON (), a music agent that does not take the conversation seriously. She explains logistics about her band groups, Emmys that is signed with Sire. However, Luke takes this is an opportunity for him to flirt with Madonna. She leaves. Madonna meets with the band just before showtime. DAN (?), her boyfriend, ED (?), and STEPHEN (?). She explains that Nick could possibly show up to the show, and he may bring SEYMOUR STEIN (?), who is the head of Sire Records, and they need to impress him tonight in order for him to release their album. The rest of the band do not care or share the same enthusiasm as her. Dan wants to...
Reader 1 Comments
“Blonde Ambition” is a biography on the early years of pop icon Madonna. Madonna is a young woman hoping to make it big with her singing group The Emmys. When she meets Jellybean she knows that he is her one shot. So she goes for it. Soon she realizes her ambition surpasses his. “Blonde Ambition” has a nice premise and shines in dialogue with great pacing. The conflict can be a bit clearer and with little areas in structure. “Blonde Ambition” is nice and entertaining....
Reader 2 Comments
Set in 1980’s New York, Madonna struggles to release her first album while enduring jealous bandmates, romantic relationships, and the cut throat music industry that views women as expendable. The premise is simple but lays the foundation for interesting character decisions and allows stakes to rise progressively. Characters are solid as Madonna has a clear desire of becoming a famous pop artist. She feels ill-suited to reach her goal because wants to dominate an industry that views her as a Minor characters especially Jellybean are thoroughly developed and audiences will be able to see both perspectives when Madonna and Jellybean clash. Conflicts rise steadily especially from an external perspective, as Madonna rarely if ever seems to catch a break. Although internal conflict are not as outright as externals ones, the external conflicts all attack Madonna’s internally. Her absolute fear is failing to reach her dreams. The structure, although deviates from the conventional three act-structure, is a biopic that shows Madonna go from rags to riches. Even when she reaches her goal of making it as a pop artist, conflicts especially from an internal level are at stake. Craft is nearly flawless as there are vivid scene descriptions and no grammar, spelling, or formatting errors....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
The coming of age of Madonna, her blind ambition takes her from a nobody in a male dominated field to the icon she is known as today. “Blonde Ambition” has a lot of potential, for the premise is marketable, there is a discernable dramatic question/theme line, and the stories tone stays true to the customs of a biopic. However, while there are lapses in logic, scenes are paced too short, and there are minor errors in craft....