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Market November 2, 2016    Sold February 6, 2017
Actor Shailene Woodley
Director Baltasar Kormákur
Agent Tanya Cohen, Jeff Gorin, Lindsay Dunn, Matt Solo (WME)
Manager Sukee Chew (Hopscotch Pictures)
Distributor STX
In this incredible true story of love and survival, Tami Ashcraft sails into the heart of a hurricane and embarks on a harrowing 41 day odyssey against impossible odds to save the man she loves.
A desperate woman is stranded at sea by a hurricane and must find a way to survive long enough to be rescued.
A strong girl will do whatever it takes to save herself and her boyfriend after they find themselves stranded in the middle of the Pacific.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Female Protagonist, Film, Love, Man vs Nature, Marooned, Relationship, Survival, True Story
F White 23 Attractive
Titanic, Castaway, 127 Hours
Present, a few weeks
San Diego harbor, Pacific Ocean, Coast of Hawaii,

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TAMMY (23) lays on a damaged boat in the middle of the ocean. She is out of breath and is trying to get to her boyfriend RICHARD (32), who's lost somewhere at sea. It then cuts to the first time she and Richard met, as he sails into the dock on his beat-up boat. They flirt back and forth, an obviously strong attraction between the two. Back in the present, Tammy radios for help, but receives no answer. She is starting to lose hope, looking out into the sea with binoculars for ANYTHING, and then spots a life raft. In the past, Tammy is asking Richard to teach her how to sail. He goes over the first thing she needs to know, which is how to use duct tape. Immediately cutting back to the present, Tammy uses duct tape to repair her ship in order to get closer to finding Richard. In the past, Tammy and Richard are about to go sailing for the day, and then kiss for the first time. Back in the present Tammy has found Richard! Although, he's in bad shape with bad wounds in his upper body as well as a broken leg. After a...