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Market June 21, 2011
Producer Michael De Luca
Agent Charlie Ferraro (UTA)
Manager Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone (Kaplan/Perrone)
Production Kaplan/Perrone, Michael De Luca Productions
An international flight becomes a claustrophobic nightmare when a demon-possessed woman reeks havoc.
A middle-aged woman begins displaying signs of demonic possession on a transatlantic flight. The situation escalates when her powers cause the plane to become dangerously unstable.
A motley crew of passengers band together to subdue a psychotic woman on a flight to London. However, the cause of her symptoms are much more sinister than they think.
Action, Thriller, Faith/Spirituality, Horror, Supernatural, Demons, Disaster, Film, High Concept, Mental Illness, Murder, Travel
M White 35 Attractive
Snakes on a Plane, The Exorcist, The Last Exorcism, Airborne, United 93, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Quarantine 2, Flightplan
Present, Roughly 6 hour flight as well as scenes of the next few days following the flight.
A majority of the film, 70-80%, takes place aboard a commercial plane flying over the Atlantic. Bedroom and Massachusetts Airport most likely Logan International. Plane crashes over the Atlantic, a hospital room with a two-way mirror, an auditorium, and a church.

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CLAIRE PARNELL (50), a timid and reserved ex-teacher, packing her bags for an upcoming trip. JASON WORTH (34-37), a writer for The Herald, exits his car and heads towards an airport while on the phone with an unknown person. They discuss the reasons behind Jason's trip to London which appears to be a funeral service for a woman from his past. VALERIE BURNS (30), an independent single mother, is in the car with her MOTHER (unknown) and son, MAX (4). Valerie and her mother discuss how long she will be away and who will be looking after Max while she is away. CHARLES YORK (40), obnoxious British man, sits next to Claire. Valerie sees that Jason is writing an article. She makes a comment about the article which leads to a conversation between the two. While speaking with Claire, Charles notices that she is acting strange; her sentences start to become confusing as she expresses signs of physical discomfort. When her words become incoherent, Charles calls for help. Suddenly, Claire begins convulsing as if she is having a seizure. A flight attendant comes to help and Valerie follows. Claire jumps from her seat and begins running down the aisle at...
Reader 1 Comments
"Incident on 459" is a supernatural-disaster thriller that follows a group of passengers on an international flight. Shortly after takeoff, the plane is ravaged by the powers of a demon-possessed woman. The premise is a unique blending of the disaster and supernatural genres, with potential for deeper social commentary. The structure is solid and flows cohesively from beginning, middle to end. A central protagonist could be better defined. Nonstop conflict, tension and suspense drive the story forward at a pace that quickens with every plot twist. Formatting, descriptions and writing style are pristine....
Reader 2 Comments
"Incident on 459" is an example of the demonic possession genre set in the confines of a jumbo jet on a transatlantic flight. This is a horrifying premise that sets the stage for an extreme level of suspense. The characters are as well developed as can be expected in the brief period of their lives portrayed. While dialogue can occasionally be described as less-than-believable, it is not a common problem. Structure is set up clear and intuitively and the pace moves to each structural beat at the expected time. There are a handful of typographical errors throughout but are simple and the overall format and prose are clear, correct, and easy to read. Where "Incident on 459" fails is by unoriginally combining two thriller formats together in a way that does not add much to either....
Reader 3 Comments
"Incident on 459" is a frightening, entertaining and impeccably written craft that explores the tension and dangers of airline travels with the supernatural. While at first glance the premise seems tired, the careful introduction and appreciation of the characters, their motivations, and their ability to ultimately work together, allows this work to transcend the pitfalls of most in its genre. "Incident on 459" is not perfect; there are still tropes of the modern horror genre that harm the its potential, like the 'twist' ending and general ambiguity of the antagonist. However, the promise shown by the chilling premise, relatable characters, and high stakes make it quite the read. This narrative does horror, thriller and action to excellent potentials, while developing and using characters with purpose, drive and their lives on the line....