• Kings of Maine
  • Kathy Charles
  • Black List Drama Hit List 2016 Available
  • 81.1
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Market October 6, 2016
Manager John Zaozirny (Bellevue Productions)
Agent Charles Ferraro, Peter Dodd (UTA)
Living with his wife and child in a trailer while working as a janitor, Stephen King struggles with alcoholism and his own dark history as he attempts to complete “Carrie.”
A budding writer and alcoholic struggles to make ends meet while having to support his family.
In the early 1970's, a 24-year-old Stephen King battles Alcoholism and poverty while living in a trailer park with his budding family, as he tries to write his first bestselling novel, "Carrie".
Stephen King battles poverty, alcoholism, and inner demons in order to write his big break "Carrie."
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Biopic, Period, Alcoholism, Baby, Father, Father/Daughter, Fatherhood, Home, Husband/Wife, Love, Marriage, Parenthood, Poverty, Pregnancy, School, Slice of Life, Small Town, Teacher, Workplace, Writer/Writing
M White 24 Average
Shining in the Dark, Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Limitless
Spans Five Years
Set in Bangor, Maine in a trailer, Laundry factory, woods, school, several bars, hospital, TV studio, delivery room, suburban home.

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Flashback to a young STEPHEN KING rifling through books in his father's attic. He gets caught by his father, and has a vision of his dad growing devil horns. CUT TO- Stephen at age 25 in his trailer. He comforts his infant daughter, NAOMI. The next morning, his wife, TABITHA finds empty beer cans in the trash, and gets angry with Stephen. Stephen gets a call from his book editor, BILL, stating that they passed on the book. Later that day, Stephen is at the industrial laundry plant where he works. He has a vision of his friend, Tony's hand being cut off by one of the machines. When he gets home from work, Stephen finds a check in the mail. However, his joy is short lived when he sees Naomi has an ear infection. They take her to the doctor. They are dismayed to find out that she needs expensive ear medication. Stephen shaves his beard, and gets in a suit. He makes his way to HAMPDEN ACADEMY to interview with the principal. The principal states that no jobs are available, aside from janitorial. Stephen agrees to take the janitor position, despite him having a bachelor's degree. Stephen goes...
Reader 1 Comments
“Kings of Maine” tells the true story of Stephen and Tabitha King, two young love birds in their twenties, both aspiring writers, struggling to get by with their baby daughter, Naomi. The writing excels in creating strong conflict within this biopic as it embodies Stephen’s alcohol addiction within the character, R.F. As Stephen continues to get bad news in all areas of his life, the stress triggers more dangerous encounters with his alcohol abuse. There is much investment in this character due to the challenges he faces, but he earns the growth he achieves. The dark tone also lifts this piece to an even higher quality as it is a perfect match to Stephen King’s own writing....
Reader 2 Comments
In the early 1970's, twenty-four-year-old alcoholic, Stephen King is a struggling writer living in a trailer park with his wife and infant daughter. Trying to make a name for himself, Stephen plugs away at trying to write his first novel, "Carrie", while battling the most intense demon he has ever had to face- himself. There are a great deal of true strengths throughout "Kings Of Maine", as it is one of the first biopics to not only show the triumphs of a well-known celebrity, but it focuses more on the drawbacks and pitfalls of what brought him to where he is now. One of the strongest elements throughout is the tone. This continually builds from the beginning to create a very dark and haunting atmosphere. The character is another strength, as "Kings Of Maine" does a hauntingly excellent job of revealing Stephen's growth as not only a character in his own narrative, but a writer as well. The craft is also just as stellar, working not only to shed light on Stephen's current life living in the seventies, but also alludes to his future works and the specific moments in his life that help inspire them. The dialogue and pacing are the weakest elements, although they are quite strong in their execution, there is room for improvement for them to reach the level of advancement of the other elements....
Reader 3 Comments
“Kings of Maine” follows Stephen King’s journey from a poverty-stricken life to his success as one of the most well-known contemporary authors. Stephen fights poverty, alcoholism, and inner demons that take the form of vivid hallucination as he creates “Carrie” and becomes a better man. There is a great potential lying underneath “Kings of Maine” for the opportunity to reveal the story behind a unique and complex protagonist. The crux here is Stephen King and he is successively portrayed as a complex writer with a fascinating inner world. Therefore, the sense of character is impressive and is wonderfully portrayed through elaborate visual metaphors. The tone also aids the character by creating a strong sense of sympathy and humanity. A colorful sense of dialogue along with an elevated writing style also cultivates a good sense of character and setting. However, a lack of strong external conflict in the conflict and weak structural beats in the structure can distract from the strength of the protagonist. Although the biographical aspect makes for a decent level of engagement, the pacing still suffers because there is a general lack of mystery, discovery, or strong twists or turns, so the throughline can feel monotonous. This isn’t helped by the fact that “Kings of Maine” utilizes a premise that feels familiar to several previous biopics that focus on writers. Nonetheless, there are original and intriguing aspects here, such as the fantastical elements and visual metaphors which also nourish the character. By cleaning up several structural aspects, than Stephen King can be appreciated as a captivating and complex artist....