• Maximum King!
  • Shay Hatten
  • Black List Comedy Hit List 2016 Available
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Market October 7, 2016
Manager Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
Agent Joe Mann (CAA)
Dark comedy that details the career of Stephen King in the 1980s.
While battling cocaine addiction, Steven King takes on the task of directing his first film.
This dramedy shows the making of Stephen King's directing debut "Maximum Overdrive" in 1985 as his drug addiction puts everything in jeopardy.
In 1985, horror writer Stephen King directs a film adaptation of his own work and struggles with a severe cocaine addiction.
Hour-Long Serialized
Comedy, Drama, Biopic, Black Comedy, Alcohol, Alcoholism, Behind The Scenes, Drugs, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Film, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Husband/Wife, Movie Business, True Story, Writer/Writing
M White 36 Average
I, Tonya, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Lebowski, Maximum Overdrive, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Disaster Artist
1985, a few months
50% film set in North Carolina (dirt road, truck stop, hotel, motel, baseball field), 40% locations around King's home in Maine (office, school, interior/exterior home, amusement park, creek, bookstore) 10% other (Manhattan apartment, casting room, hospital, screening room, concert hall, TV studio)

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In 1985, author STEPHEN KING (36) does a massive line of cocaine. In a coked-out rant to DAN JANSEN (40), his literary agent, he talks about his past success like “The Shining” or “Carrie,” and mentions his ideas for the book “Thinner.” Stephen produces a manuscript for the book, and Dan reveals that Stephen has been asked to direct an adaptation of one of his works. When leaving the agent’s office, Stephen hallucinates The Man in Black, one of his fictional characters.

Stephen picks up his children JOE (12) and NAOMI (14) from school, and returns home to his other son OWEN (4) and wife TABITHA “TABBY” KING (35). Tabitha wonders why Stephen wants to direct this movie, and worries about its potential effects on Stephen’s substance abuse problems.

Stephen goes through his massive collection of short stories in search of something to adapt into a film. He pulls out one story, “Trucks,” about trucks that come to life, and tries to start writing the script. After furiously writing, he returns to Dan’s office with the script, now titled “Maximum Overdrive.” Later, Stephen meets with AC/DC, his favorite band, and asks them to write an original soundtrack for the movie. He also...