• Barbarian
  • Rosalind Ross
  • Action Black List Hit List No Agent 2016 Available
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Market October 5, 2016
Manager Markus Goerg (Heroes & Villains)
Based on the true story of Boudicca, a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. It’s a female BRAVEHEART with lots of action and great characters and an incredibly powerful piece of writing, which, despite the period nature of the project, is very timely.
A brave widowed Queen starts a rebellion against the tyranny of Romans during the first century.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Historical, Biopic, Period, War, Death, Epic, Female, Female Protagonist, King/Queen
F White 35 Attractive
Braveheart, 300, Wonder Woman, The Passion of Christ, Tubman
A few weeks in the first century
Roadhouse, Celtic villages, Miltary outpost

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BOUDICCA (35) lies on the ground when a spear nearly hits her face. She gets up as white text explains how Rome invaded Briton in the first AD and how a woman-led Briton's rebellion. BOUDICCA (8) and AEDAN (10) frolic in the forest when a MAN drops dead in front of them. BOUDICCA'S FATHER (40) asks for a blessing as he goes to war with the Romans. He is scalped in front of his daughter. Sometime past and Boudicca and Aedan are still close. One day, while playing, the two runs into the ICENI CHIEF AND PRASUTAGUS (15). BOUDICCA'S MOTHER apologizes for their behavior. The Iceni Chief doesn't mind. In fact, he wants Boudicca and Prasutagus to wed. Boudicca reluctantly agrees.

Now an adult, Boudicca, and Aedan are still cordial. JUDOC (16) helps ELSHA (25) with the birth of a boy. Now with children of her own; CLIONA and MAIRE, Boudicca coolly lays next to her week husband, Prasutagus (42). In a distant land, Rome mourns the death of their emperor CLAUDIUS (64). His wife, AGRIPPINA (45) frames a servant for poisoning him. Now with her son, NERO in power. Agrippina convinces him to conqueror Briton. Back in Briton, Boudicca seeks...
Reader 1 Comments
A powerful queen ignites her people to rebel against the Romans and their tyranny. The premise of Barbarian is interesting as the queen with her limited resources leads to a rebellion. Thanks to the quick pace, the stakes are clear in the beginning as the protagonist watches her loved ones brutally die in front of her. Lastly, the dialogue helps answer the quintessential question about the price of freedom as the protagonist inspires her people with empowering speeches and subtle vulnerability....