• Hummingbird
  • John McClain
  • Action Black List Sci-Fi Set Up 2016 Thriller
  • 80.9
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Market September 29, 2016    Sold October 28, 2016
Producer Mark Gao, Gregory Ouanhon, Todd Garner
Agent Ramses IsHak, Michael Sheresky (UTA)
Manager Ryan Cunningham (Madhouse)
Production Broken Road
Financier Fundamental Films
2-2017 - Rumors that Zoe Saldana attached.
Follows a black-ops assassin whose latest mark forces her to question the truth of her identity, and ultimately confront the unsettling fact that she’s more than a hired gun, she’s an entirely new breed of weapon. In the vein of LUCY; said to be the first of a trilogy.
A hired assassin tasked with killing a programmer discovers an uncomfortable truth about her identity, which leads her to rebel against those who created her.
After a deadly assassin finds out the truth about her existence, her number target becomes the very own organization she works for.
A precise government assassin discovers that she's an A.I. and works with a top-tier programmer to take down the organization that built her.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Adventure, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Espionage/Spy, Female Protagonist, Kidnap, Spy, Violence/Violent
F White 25 Attractive
I-Robot, Terminator, Ex Machina, Lucy, The Bourne Identity
A few days
Barcelona, Washington D.C., Cathedral, Paris, New Orleans, Athens, Goa, Garage, Industrial Workshop, Open Waters

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This opens at the Louvre Museum at Paris, France. LONDON, young and beautiful, appears into the room and seduces a much older woman with obvious political power. They head up to the woman's bedroom and London asks to put on her favorite song. As they are about to hook up, London kills her. Her henchman are notified and go after London, who fights them off with extreme skill.

London now sits in a room with THALIA (40s), who goes over her recent mission with her. Thalia describes how her body count increased higher than it needed to. London mentions how there was a child there she wasn't briefed about. Thalia expresses disappointment, but moves onto her next mission. She "programs" the mission into London using a process of naming symbols. London finds herself in India, where she meets ALEX (mid 30s), who's there on vacation to experience a liveliness that contrasts with his tedious computer programming job. London seduces him just like her previous assignment, except this time experiences an actual connection. She goes to his room later and sleeps with him. The next morning, London tries to complete her assignment and assassinate Alex, but simply can't. Alex speaks the whole...
Reader 1 Comments
A highly entertaining action thriller, in which a black ops assassin discovers she is an incredibly advanced AI capable of deep feeling and emotion. As she grapples with her newfound reality she learns that the corporation that created her is an evil one, and decides to go rogue. Full of fantastic sci fi imagery, such as swarms of locust-like micro drones and clone AI armies, set against historical architecture in locations like Paris, Barcelona, or Athens, creating a contrast that reinforces the important questions raised by the film: who are we, why are we here, and to what end? The secret of the main character's identity is given away too readily at the beginning of the film, eliminating suspense, and some of the dialogue is expository, but overall 'Hummingbird' is incredibly exciting and relevant to our times....
Reader 2 Comments
Overall “Hummingbird” is an action packed drama that focus on the awakening of an assassin that turns out to the perfect killer in the form of an android. The premise is unique considering prior films don’t often mix an assassin with an android, but what stands out is the character’s decision to not only go against her programming but also her ability to want to prove herself to be human. Characters such as Thalia and Gideon are well rounded antagonists but with their limited backstory affecting the present, along with their limited direct involvement in the plot they don’t feel as threatening. Dialogue is understandable, is different for each character and naturally gives necessary details about the plot. Conflict and tension are always present during the plot driving characters to the finish line surrounding the pending death of London or the downfall of Cathedral....
Reader 3 Comments
“Hummingbird” covers a top-tier female government assassin, who discovers from a programmer on a mission, that she’s actually a highly advanced breed of artificial intelligence with the ability to adapt. She then works with this guy to take down the evil organization that built her. “Hummingbird,” while well structured and paced, contains a plot that resembles countless movies done before as well as themes that have been explored thoroughly in films such as “The Bourne Trilogy”, “Ex Machina”, “Blade Runner,” and even to an extent “Terminator.” The characters are layered and face a tremendous amount of adversity, but they speak too openly to feel as broken as they are, most of their dialogue sounding like exposition....