• Untitled Mindy Kaling Comedy
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Black List Comedy Set Up 2016
  • 81.8
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Market September 26, 2016    Sold September 28, 2016
Actor Mindy Kaling, Emma Thompson
Agent Ryan Abboushi (CAA)
Manager Richard Abate (3 Arts)
Production Scott Rudin Productions
Studio Fox 2000
A late-night talk show host is at risk of losing her long-running show right when she decides to hire her first female writer.
A newly hired, out of her depths, female writer works against the disapproval of peers to help save her icy bosses late-night talk show.
A struggling female talk show host is about to lose her show when she hires her first female writer that helps her fight for her show back.
An over-the-hill female late night host will have to save her show by taking in a young female inexperienced writer, as they try to make the show both subversive and popular.
Hour-Long Serialized
Comedy, Drama, Dramedy, Feel Good/Uplifting, Female, Female Protagonist, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Television, Workplace, Writer/Writing
F White 55 Attractive
The Comedian (2016)
Obvious Child (2014)
The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
Present, couple months Flashback to 1980
London comedy club, London streets, Molly's apartment, bathroom, writers' room, 30 rock, Emmy's, stages, bars, back alley, Tonight show set, Kennedy Set

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Opens to a 1980 flashback of KATHERINE NEWBURY (19) doing a stand-up at a comedy club in London. She is the only woman, is not taken seriously, and her routine goes poorly. After the show, WALTER LOVELL (50), an American comedy producer, tells her what she did right and wrong. She invites him to her college dorm, and he surprisingly agrees.

Flash forward to present day, where Katherine is married to Walter, now ages 55 and 84 respectively, and receiving an award for her comedy. She thanks Walter, who is now in a wheelchair, in her speech. After the award ceremony, her executive producer BRAD (40s) tells her BONNIE (early 50s) the president of her company that she has been trying to reach her, as well as another employee asking for a raise. Katherine goes to her hotel bar, where she meets with and eventually sleeps with a 20 something year old banker. At her office, Katherine meets the disgruntled employee. He asks for a raise with a new child on the way, and Katherine sees the act as sexist. Enraged, he exclaims that there are no female writers working for Katherine anyways. Katherine tells Brad to replaced the employee with...
Reader 1 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
Katherine risks losing her metaphorical life, i.e. her career, but despite hating her new female writer, Molly, proves herself the spark to keep the late night show alive. “Untitled Comedy” has a lot of potential, and with a revision it would be ready for production. For example, the original premise, dynamic characters, and strong thematic arc make the script intriguing. Not only is the character arc significant, the plot line blends with the thematic question. Moreover, the piece is written in three-act structure, the pacing is strong, and all scenes are relevant. Small weaknesses are a couple lapses in logic, and minor grammatical errors....
Reader 2 Comments
Katherine is the only female on Late-Night Television talk shows, and her show is about to be cancelled before Molly, her first female writer, is hired and changes the culture of her show. By finally speaking her opinion and taking advantage of being the only female on Late Night, Katherine saves her show and also learns her need to tell the world her opinion. This is very unique and interesting premise, that is very original in its focus of a female comedian protagonist. The strengths here are in dialogue, which is witty, funny, and realistic, and the tone, which evokes far more emotions than expected in a comedy, bringing serious issues of gender and expression to the forefront. Characters are strong as well, with clear arcs and interesting decision making. The pace is fast and never grows slow or dull, and the writing is clear and descriptive. A small issue in the logic of it is the strange fact that Katherine has never hired a woman, which isn't clearly or well explained. This can be resolved however very easily with a better and more thorough explanation. This is a comedy that quickly turns into a great story with a great message of female empowerment and expression....
Reader 3 Comments
An over-the-hill female late night comedian will have four months to improve her show before getting canceled. In her efforts to do so, she will hire her first female writer, who happens to have little experience to none. The premise of "Untitled Comedy" is highly original, as it also addresses a current issue- women in hollywood comedy. The protagonists of Molly the writer and Kathrine the comedian do go through some kind of an arc, but the beats of it aren't very strong and ill-timed in relations to the structure. The dialogue has some nuanced moments, but not enough for a comedy. Many of the monologs in it are a bit on-the-nose. The external conflict is easy to comprehend as well as some of the inner conflict, but the latter isn't enough to create meaningful depth for the characters. The structure isn't as solid as it could be, as many scenes can be shorter, also to improve the slow pacing of "Untitled Comedy". The craft is the more problematic part of "Untitled Comedy", as there are many typos and improper formatting....