• Hala
  • Minhal Baig
  • Black List Drama Family No Agent Produced 2016
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Market April 26, 2016
Manager Ari Lubet (3 Arts)
9-2019 - Screened at the Toronto Film Festival 2019. Top 10 Female Directors to Watch.
A Muslim American girl struggles to reconcile desire with family obligations.
A Muslim-American high schooler explores her identity and sexuality which conflicts with her faith and family tradition.
This coming of age tale revolves around a young Muslim- American woman who is just figuring out how to go through life happy, even if that means disappointing her very devout Muslim parents.
A young Muslim girl explores her sexuality while trying to conform to her parent's conservative wishes.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Romance, Teen, Adolescence, Affair, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Coming of Age, Daughter, Dysfunctional Family, Father, Father/Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, High School, Love, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Racially Based, School, Sex, Troubled Youth
F Arabic 17 Average
Lady Bird, The Spectacular Now. The Edge of Seventeen, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Booksmart, Mermaids
Present day, over a few weeks
Home (interior), classroom, lunchroom, car (interior), skate park

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Hala dresses in conservative Muslim attire for her first day of school. While on the bus, she sees JESSE (17), a boy whom she has a crush on. Hala’s English class reads Lolita. Hala and Melanie hang out at lunchtime, and Hala gawks at Jesse. She goes to gym class

Later that day, Hala gets an invitation to a party, and Melanie urges her to go. That night, Hala and her family have dinner. Nadir says he has to go away for a while for work. Hala tries to masturbate that night in bed, but it doesn't work. Hala gets 100% on her paper.

Hala and Melanie go to the skate park. Hala and Jesse make eye contact. After dinner, Nadir takes Hala on a car ride to drop off paperwork at a client's house, BRIGITTE. nadir tells Hala that his meeting with her mother was an arranged marriage.

At school the next day, Jesse comes up to talk with Hala, and Hala says she can't walk alone with a boy. They all walk together with Melanie. Jesse takes Hala's phone and puts his number in it. They text during class. Hala and Eram drop off Nadir at the airport. That night, Hala...