• Hala
  • Minhal Baig
  • Black List Drama Family No Agent 2016 Available
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Market April 26, 2016
Manager Ari Lubet (3 Arts)
Baig attached to direct.
A Muslim American girl struggles to reconcile desire with family obligations.
A young Muslim girl explores her sexuality while trying to conform to her parent's conservative wishes.
Hour-Long Serialized
Drama, Adolescence, Affair, Coming of Age, Daughter, Dysfunctional Family, Female Protagonist, High School, Love
F Arabic 17 Average
"Lady Bird", "The Spectacular New"
Present day, over a few weeks
Home (interior), classroom, lunchroom, car (interior), skate park

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Hala reluctantly dresses in conservative Muslim attire for her first day of school. While on the bus, she sees JESSE (17), a boy who she has a crush on. However, she is forbidden from talking to boys because of her conservative Muslim upbringing.

Hala’s English class reads Lolita. Hala shares a special bond with her teacher, MR. LAWRENCE (34), and is his favorite student.
That night, Hala’s father, NADIR (50’s), says that he must go away to settle a case for his law firm. Hala’s mother, ERAM (40’s) expresses dismay, but he is resolute on going.

After class one day, Jesse confronts Hala, and gives her his number. The two begin texting and skateboarding together. Hala goes to a party with Jesse and her friend, and becomes ill when she drinks too much.

The next day, Hala goes out to lunch with her mother, and the two fight over Hala’s college applications. Hala begins spending more time with Jesse, and illegally does graffiti with him. The two bond, and go to dinner at a diner, where they see Nadir on a date with BRIGITTE (30’s), a young woman from his law firm. Horrified, Hala returns home.

Hala becomes more rebellious, and sneaks out with Jesse....