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  • Kate Trefry
  • Black List Comedy Hit List Rom-Com 2016 Available
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Market May 17, 2016
Agent Amanda Hymson, Keya Khayatian, Tim Phillips (UTA)
Manager Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
Loosely based on true events, a teenager in Anchorage convinces a local DJ to help her sneak into a hotel where the Beatles are unexpectedly staying so she can lose her virginity to George Harrison.
When the Beatles are forced to stay overnight in Anchorage, a teen and her friends break into the hotel with the help of the local DJ so that one of them can lose her virginity to George Harrison.
A young woman tries to lose her virginity to George Harrison after the Beatles are stranded in Anchorage, Alaska.
Hour-Long Serialized
Comedy, Period, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Adolescence, Celebrity, Coming of Age, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, Sex, Sex Comedy, Transformation
F Unspecified 17 Attractive
Lady Bird, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Stuck in the Suburbs
1966, over 1 day
Anchorage, AK, bedroom interior, car interior, park, zoo, hotel interior, diner interior

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The Beatles play as a WOMAN’s FIGURE (Adult) prepares a music class. The entire room shakes as an earthquake occurs.
JANE (17) wakes from her nightmare. She dresses for work, playing the Beatles as she does. At breakfast, her father, FRANK (43) forbids her from going to a going away party for a friend. Dejected, Jane drives her brother, ELI (15), to his summer community service. On the way, she picks u her friends PATTY (18) and BARABARA (18). They discuss sex, and how Jane is saving her virginity for George Harrison of the Beatles.

On the radio, DJ MAX BEST (23) is told that radio viewership is slipping, and that he will lose his job. Suddenly, the phone rings, and he is told that the Beatles have been stranded in Anchorage due to a storm. He decides to try and interview them in order to save his job.

Jane arrives at her office, where she works for a fur trading company, despite being a vegetarian. She is interviewed for the Miss Rondy beauty pageant. However, during the interview, Patty runs in, exclaiming that the Beatles are in town. She and Jane run out of the interview, determined to meet the band so...