• Contingency Protocol
  • Mark Townend
  • Action Black List Hit List No Agent Sci-Fi 2016 Thriller Available
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Market September 1, 2016
Manager Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue)
9-2016 - Spec went out wide to all territories.
Story details are being kept under wraps, but being pitched as a high-concept sci-fi action thriller in the vein of Looper meets Safe House.
A US Marshall takes a witness in an organized crime trial back in time to prevent him from being found in a future where anybody can be found for the right price.
A cop obsessed with the murder of her husband must travel back in time to protect the one witness who can bring his killer to justice.
Hour-Long Serialized
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Period, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Corruption, Daughter, Detective, Female, Female Protagonist, Futuristic, Gangster, Government, Mafia, Mother/Daughter, Organized Crime, Time Travel
F Unspecified 40 Average
Looper, Twelve Monkeys. Terminator
2033, 1972, over a few weeks
New York City, upstate New York, federal bureau, hotel room, Central Park, city apartment, baseball stadium, train (interior)

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KATHERINE TELLER (40s) sits in a room talking about the omnipresence of technology and people's dependence on it.

NICK PRENTIS (40s) exits his brownstone, coming face to face with an FBI drone. It tells him there is a warrant for his arrest and a chase ensues. Nick is finally caught when a drone tasers him.

In an interrogation room, FBI agents, SUNSTEIN and CLARKE, explain to Nick that they could put him in jail with the evidence they have. Instead of doing that, they want him to flip on his boss, LEON VASSEUR.

Nick is being lead outside of the FBI offices when an assassination attempt is made on him. In an interrogation room, Nick says he will cooperate in exchange for a new life and high-level protection leading up to his testifying.

In her home, Katherine makes her daughter, LAURA (9) pack. Laura is upset her mom has to go again and always forgets plans. Katherine drops Laura off at her sister, MORGAN's (30s) house. Morgan that if Katherine keeps leaving like that it would be better for Laura to stay with Morgan and her husband.

As Katherine drives, she explains in a voice-over the discovery of time travel and how it is used...
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OVERALL (Recommend)
"Contingency Protocol" is about a US Marshall, Katherine Teller, who is tasked with taking Nick Teller, a witness testifying against a powerful figure in the organized crime world, back in time to keep him safe in the weeks leading up to the trial. During that time, they are attacked and are forced on the run. "Contingency Protocol" has a very unique premise, that takes a very original look at the common time travel genre. The character is tied well into the premise and is deep and engaging. The dialogue is successful in progressing the through-line and also in differentiating the characters. The external and internal conflict are woven together well and both are resolved in an interesting way. The structure is efficient and effective with only one minor issue. It is well-written, but the scene notes include profanity in excess and many explicit statements of character's internal thoughts that can't quite be portrayed visually. The biggest issue with "Contingency Protocol" is the logic, but that is mostly a symptom of the time travel genre and the paradoxes that involves. All in all, "Contingency Protocol" is engaging and unique....
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OVERALL (Consider)
In “Contingency Protocol”, the audience follows Katharine Teller, a U.S. Marshall who works for a witness protection program that uses time travel to hide witnesses in the past. However, things go awry when she is tasked with protecting a witness testifying against her husband’s murderer. Overall, “Contingency Protocol” represents an interesting addition to the sci-fi/action genre. Katharine is a strong, compelling protagonist for the audience to follow. Moreover, the multiple layers of the plot are woven together in a way that creates a fast-paced, gripping narrative for the audience....