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Market August 2, 2016    Sold August 16, 2016
Director Dan Fogelman
Producer Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey
Agent Danny Greenberg (WME)
Manager Eryn Brown (Management 360)
Financier FilmNation
Production Temple Hill
A love story that interweaves various multi-generational characters whose lives are interconnected through the decades from New York to the Spanish countryside.
From New York City to Sevill, Spain and spanning multiple generations, various people must deal with the unexpected nature of life.
Intertwining stories promise love, forgiveness, second chances and more for a number of individuals that all are linked to an unexpected tragedy.
The unexpected events of a single day in New York City alter the life course of a young father, the love of his life, their daughter, and a Spanish family on a nearby bus in ways far beyond their imagination.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Coming of Age, Dramedy, Dysfunctional Family, Heartwarming, Parenthood
M White 30 Average
Crazy, Stupid, Love, Babel, Crash
Spans multiple decades, beginning in the late 20th century and ending, approximately, in the 2070s.
New York City: Apartment, Starbucks, Busy Street, Therapist's Office College: Fraternity house, Dorm room Seville, Spain: Olive Orchard, House, Medical facility.

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SAMUEL JACKSON, the narrator, begins to tell a story about the hero, someone who is hopelessly lost in love. When it is revealed that the HERO is more worried about his fantasy football draft than falling in love, Sam Jackson switches focus to the therapist, played by JULIANNE MOORE, who is in-session with our hero-turned-side-character. As we follow Julianne, her story is also cut short when she is hit by a bus and killed on impact. It is revealed that this entire story is a factionalized screenplay written by WILL DEMPSEY (31), a depressed and mentally unstable alcoholic. As Will leaves the Starbuck’s where he was working on his script, he begins to sing a song from Bob Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind”. This triggers a memory, and Will is transported to six months earlier…

In bed with the love of his life ABBY DEMPSEY (30), the two discuss their differing views on Bob Dylan’s music. While Abby loves the poetic nature of his lyrics, Will just can’t understand the unique sound of his voice. As Abby gets up to leave the bed, it is revealed that she is very pregnant. This memory triggers another memory, and Will is transported to...