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Paris, 1887. A street tough battles his way to fame and inspires the world’s most famous sculpture, but must choose between his glamorous new life or saving the poor he left behind from extermination.
In 1887 Paris, a poor young man seeks work after his home is leveled by a greedy real estate developer and his girlfriend is imprisoned. He starts out as a model for artist Rodin, but moves on to become an exhibition athlete sponsored by a wealthy baron looking to fund a new stadium, inevitably putting the young man in a position to confront the businessman responsible for the tragedies of the past.
In Paris of 1887, a poor young man's home is destroyed, his girlfriend sent to prison, and he is recruited by a wealthy baron to be a star athlete. The following year, he finds the man responsible for him home getting destroyed, and vows revenge.
In 1887 Paris, a man and his love are torn apart as they are sent to jail during a reformation of the city that threatens the poor. Upon his release, he begins a new life as an athlete, and he finds himself in a new position to confront those who have wronged him as he struggles to reconnect with the woman he loves.
Action, Drama, Historical, Art, Business, Corruption, Feel Good/Uplifting, Hero, Home, Poverty
M White 22 Attractive
Les Miserables, A Tale of Two Cities, Sherlock Holmes, Gladiator, The Mask of Zorro, Robin Hood
100% France - tenements, streets, studio, home, garden, train tracks, station, mansion, steel mill, exhibition ground, tunnel, cafe, city hall

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In the year 1887, JEAN-LUC SALVAGE (20s) is living in a poverty stricken Paris neighborhood with his longtime girlfriend GISELE (20s). One night, a house nearby is being demolished with an OLD MOTHER (70s) still living inside. Jean-Luc goes to save her, while Gisele attempts to distract an official through seduction.

Jean-Luc fails to save her and Gisele’s attempt to get the official to stop proves unfruitful, leading them to get caught in the destruction. Gisele is unharmed, but the official is dead. Gisele finds gold German coins that dropped from his pocket, and goes back to reunite with Jean-Luc.

The two try to buy food with the coins, but when a seller tries to cheat them out of it, Jean-Luc incites violence and attention from the cops. Gisele fights back, and they are both arrested. Jean-Luc is let go, but Gisele is sentenced for two years for striking a police officer. Jean-Luc swears to still be there for her, but Gisele is distraught.

Jean-Luc visits a friend named SERGE (50s), who offers him bread. Serge explains that he got the bread from an artist who used Serge for sculpting. Jean-Luc is intrigued. The next morning, Jean-Luc goes to see this artist, AGUSTE RODIN (40s). Before...
Reader 1 Comments
This historical drama about poor young man who becomes a talented exhibition athlete and takes the opportunity to seek justice against the greedy developer responsible for crimes against the poor features a strong pace and a classic premise that sees a satisfying and appropriate resolution. The lead character is active and sympathetic in his goal, though he is largely without flaw, resulting in little change, and affecting the degree of internal conflict he can experience. Though external obstacles are widespread and legitimate, the narrative is missing the depth and balance that could come from layering those challenges with personal ones. The inherent and unchanging goodness of the character also resonates in tone, making it perhaps more safe and warm than the premise intends, though otherwise the blend of history, drama, politics, and romance works....
Reader 2 Comments
Centered around a man looking for revenge and becoming one of the most famous statues in history in the process, "The Thinker Arises" has an interesting premise and characters, along with a fresh sense of audacity and ambition, with a sprawling narrative that gives a historical art piece an action style tone. Where improvements can be made is within the execution, as the narrative can come across as somewhat convoluted and overcrowded at times, with a couple characters feels unnecessary, along with illogical actions from its primary lead, and a pacing that can feel slow at times. While there is room for improvement, "The Thinker Arises" can feel occasionally clever, and is a mostly fun entry in the genre....
Reader 3 Comments
“The Thinker Arises,” in which a man living in Paris in 1887 becomes a seasoned athlete and discovers his place in a brewing conflict between the upper and lower class as the city prepares for renovation and change, contains a premise that showcases a strong potential for character work and tone. Character work, for the most part, is rather successful aside from some issues surrounding the protagonist’s love interest, and the tone emerges as a success due to the blending of historical, action oriented, and romantic elements. The structure is rather solid, and the pacing is accomplished as well. However, some of the conflicts may require some further highlighting around the midpoint of the piece. Dialogue is also routinely strong, aside from a singular criticism surrounding a supporting character, and the quality of the material is above average....