• The Fall
  • Pete Bridges
  • Action Black List Hit List Sci-Fi Set Up 2016 Thriller
  • 75.2
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Market June 13, 2016    Sold July 7, 2016
Executive Robyn Meisinger
Producer Adam Kolbrenner
Agent Adam Levine, Adam Weinstein (Verve)
Manager Adam Kolbrenner (Madhouse)
Financier Amblin Entertainment
The spec went out before the July 4th holiday, and Amblin started negotiations pre-July 4th weekend.
Finding themselves in the middle of an alien invasion, a newly divorced couple must survive a dangerous real-time journey on foot from downtown Atlanta to the suburbs, where their young children are home alone.
A husband and wife who have just signed divorce papers must band together in the face of an alien invasion in order to save their children.
After finalizing their divorce, a couple must work together in the middle of an alien invasion to reach their children.
A recently divorced couple races home to their children amid an alien invasion.
Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller, Adventure, Horror, Alien, Apocalyptic, Battle, Chase, Creature, Disaster, Dysfunctional Family, Home, Husband/Wife, Journey, Mid-life Crisis, Natural Disaster, Police
Ultra High
M Unspecified 40 Average
Cloverfield, World War Z, Super 8, The Fifth Wave, War of Worlds, Date Night.
Present Day. Real time, two hours.
Takes place throughout downtown Atlanta. Mostly streets, shops, banks, hotel lobbies, etc. Sections also take place aboard an alien warship, in a large body of water, and an upper-middle class apartment complex. Dense crowd scenes with hundreds of extras of all genders, races, and ages.

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SAM and MEGAN GIRARD (both 40's) legalize their divorce with their ATTORNEY (50's). They are on relatively compatible terms, but still succumb to some of the snippy, complaining behavior that speaks of a marriage gone on too long. In the elevator, the power cuts out, and Megan discovers that her phone is dead. A technician helps get them out of the elevator and onto the street, Outside, the entire power grid appears to be dead. Cars don't work, cell phones unresponsive, electricity of any kind seemingly gone in an instant. Without navigation systems to guide them, airplanes fall from the sky, and the city erupts in chaos. Strange SHIPS appear overhead, shooting beams of LIGHT that freeze pedestrians in their tracks. Sam, an ex-EMT, notes that the people appear to be alive, but are frozen in some sort of paralytic shock. The Girards decide they need to make it home to their children, SCOTTIE (8) and EMMA (12). Emma suffers from serious anxiety, and has never been left alone until today. Meanwhile, Megan, a diabetic, forgot her insulin, and needs a shot or she will fall into a coma. She and Sam attempt to raid a pharmacy, but the insulin...
Reader 1 Comments
A family-oriented high concept movie, in which a newly divorced couple must work together to escape an alien invasion and make it back home to protect their children. A lighthearted action movie that blends sci-fi with marital drama, with a happy ending that reconciles the main characters with each other and their children. Formulaic, and yet effective, the idea that it takes an alien invasion to fix a marriage is both comedic and enlightening in its hyperbole. The main characters could withstand a rewrite or two in order to be less predictable, and the conflict between them could be amped up at the beginning in order to bolster the arc they experience, but overall, 'The Fall' is an entertaining sci-fi parable that delivers an unpretentious, undeniable lesson: much better to resolve conflict before the Apocalypse strikes than after....
Reader 2 Comments
“The Fall” is a narrative that focuses on the journey of Sam, and Megan who are a recently divorced couple as they try to avoid aliens during an invasion to get home to their children. The premise is new in the sense that the characters don’t have any intentions to fight the Slims on a larger level that has been seen in various films of the genre. Dialogue throughout the plot is used to explain what is happening around the main protagonists but most importantly for Sam and Megan to communicate about their relationship. The writing is detailed but also clustered through multiple one line action descriptions throughout multiple pages. The conflict is apparent during the inciting incident that something is wrong, and things gradually get worse once it is discovered that aliens are indeed invading the city of Atlanta....
Reader 3 Comments
A newly divorced couple must team up to save their children amid an alien invasion. “The Fall” is a science fiction action flick in the vein of “Cloverfield” or “World War Z”. The story follows a husband and wife in real time as they run through downtown Atlanta in an attempt to return home to their children. Along the way they realize their love for each other, and repair their broken relationship. While structurally proficient, it lacks originality or character work to feel unique. Poised to be the first in a series, it is strongly reminiscent of the “Cloverfield” franchise, with few new or compelling details....