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Market May 31, 2016    Sold June 10, 2016
Producer Teddy Schwarzman, Ben Stillman, Bennett McGhee, Finola Dwyer, Amanda Posey
Agent Tanya Cohen, David Stone, Jordan Cerf, David Karp, Anna DeRoy, Jeff Gorin, Ari Greenburg, Duncan Millership (WME)
Manager Jeff Silver (Grandview)
Financier Black Bear Pictures
Production Silvertown, Wildgaze
A taut political thriller unfolding over 24 hours inside one of the world’s most famous addresses: 10 Downing Street
A look at one fateful night in 10 Downing Street, where the British Prime Minister is challenged by an intelligence cover-up and rape allegations made against the Prime Minister's son.
On the eve of announcing expanded privacy rights, the British Prime Minister discovers a clandestine surveillance AI operated by those within his government. He must track down its operators and shut it down.
Following the announcement of a privacy charter, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom discovers a government conspiracy to spy on its citizens in order to prevent crime.
Drama, Thriller, Political, Conspiracy, Corruption, Espionage, Philosophical
M White 0 Average
Enemy of the State, Minority Report, Eagle Eye, Miss Sloane
1 Night, roughly 8 hours
10 Downing Street, A British government office building with office equipment, state rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

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At night the British PRIME MINISTER Peter Fisher (Adult) runs on a treadmill while he watches coverage of his speech from a few days ago. He is implementing a new privacy charter to limit corporations from accessing user data and is supposed to announce the details the next day.

He calls his son HARVEY (19) and the two have a stand-offish conversation. At home, the Prime Minister encounters his wife JULIET (?), who helps him get ready for work. His assistant, CARO (Adult) fetches him from his home at Downing Street and they walk to his office together. In his office he encounters his press secretary EVE HENTLEY (Adult). Eve gets call from PAUL SHINN (Adult) at “The Guardian,” who was given a file on the Prime Minister called Cortex.

No one knows what’s in the file, so they cancel the press conference and contact JONATHAN BULL (Adult), director of the intelligence committee, for help. While they’re managing this, the Prime Minister has a Skype call with Harvey in which his son reveals that another student is accusing Harvey of rape. The PM promises to help him by looking into the situation. In a room called the COBRA, the Prime Minister meets...