• Burn Run (Tente)
  • Matt Tente
  • Action Black List Hit List 2016 Thriller Available Unrepped
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Market May 24, 2016
Manager Jake Wagner (Good Fear)
Being pitched as Three Kings meets Mad Max. In war-torn Afghanistan, an American Mercenary team are hired to escort a 20-ton heroin seizure bound for destruction but get caught up in a botched drug deal when their leader goes rogue, forcing them to overcome various enemies who wish to steal it.
A group of military contractors are hired to help guard seized heroin on its way to an incinerator. Everything goes sideways when it turns into a botched drug deal.
A group of American mercenaries transporting a load of heroin inadvertently find themselves in a drug deal.
A mercenary in Afghanistan must escort a drug shipment while avoiding local drug cartels in order to save his son.
Action, Thriller, War, Addiction, Betrayal, Chase, Conspiracy, Corruption, Drugs, Father/Son, Foreign Locale, Military, Organized Crime, Secrets, Suspenseful, Terrorist
M White 48 Fit
Mad Max: Fury Road, American-Made, Stagecoach, the A-Team, Mission Impossible, The Expendables, 16 Blocks
Present, Over the Course of a Few Hours With Flashbacks.
Mostly roads in Afghanistan. Some scenes in a city, inside houses, and in a nondescript control room.

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Outside of Kabul Airport BRAD HAKWINS, code-name DUTCH (late 40s), a military contracted mercenary, readies the PRINCIPAL, a civilian being protected by his group. He is joined by DARREL FOSTER (mid-40s), code-name BOSCO, and MIGUEL RAMOS (mid 40s), code-name LAMBO. They arm themselves and get in and armored SUV.

They quickly and violently drive through Afghanistan, rear-ending civilian vehicles and hitting a merchant's donkey. While waiting for a group of children to cross the street, a sniper bullet hits the window. They speed away and narrowly miss being blown to pieces by a car bomb.

At a poppy farm and heroin refinery, commander of the Afgahnistan FASTeam, SAIF (50s) leads his team. They take out all of the armed guards.

While Dutch, Bosco, and Lambo relax, Dutch gets a call from SARAH (40s), his ex-wife, who tells him their son BRANDON (20s) is in a heroin-induced coma.

Dutch meets with the ASSIGNMENT CAPTAIN (40s) and asks to be moved to a better, higher paying assignment. Assignment captain offers him and his team an assist role on a burn run, escorting seized Heroin to a burn site.

On a plane, Dutch, Bosco, and Lambo meet FRANK SMITH (mid 40s) code name SMITH, DEREK ADAMS (early 40s)...