• Northeast Kingdom
  • Alex R. Johnson
  • Action Black List Hit List 2016 Thriller Available
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Market April 1, 2016
Director Alex R. Johnson
Agent Greg Pedicin, Danny Toth (Gersh)
Manager Eric Williams, Mark Holder (Zero Gravity)
When she witnesses the betrayal and murder of her father during a smuggler’s drop, a vigilant and determined young woman calls in the help of a mysterious female assassin to seek revenge against all those responsible.
A teenage girl hires an assassin to kill her father's murderer.
A young woman hires a professional assassin to take revenge on the drug cartel that killed her father.
Action, Thriller, Drugs, Father, Father/Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, Fight, High Concept, Hitman, Money, Organized Crime, Revenge
F Unspecified 19 Average
Hanna, Revenge, Winter’s Bone, Sonatine, Blade of the Immortal
Present day, over a few days
Vermont woods, house, cabin, interior of storage unit, diner, Boston streets, Boston office building, trailer home

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ANGIE PETERS (19) hunts ducks in the backwoods of Vermont. When other hunters try to steal her kill, she threatens them with her gun.
Later, Angie returns home to her father, MIKE PETERS (Adult). They work together, emptying shotgun shells and placing hundred dollar bills inside to be smuggled out of the country.

Angie and her hike across the Canadian border. Angie hides as her father meets a CANADIAN HUNTER (Adult), who trades his bag of shells for the ones that Angie and her father made. On their way home, Angie and her father are stopped by a CANADIAN MOUNTIE (Adult), who lets them pass after he sees the ducks that Angie killed.

At home, Angie and her father unload the Canadian shells, showing them to be filled with cocaine. The MANAGER (Adult), the boss of their drug line, comes and pays Angie’s father for the drugs.

The next day, Angie’s father buys new shotgun shells. On their way home, they are pulled over by a dirty cop, who gives Angie’s father information on increase border control on the Canadian side.

The next day, Angie’s father is murdered after meeting with his Canadian counterpart. Before he dies, he tells Angie to run home, take their...