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A former lawman turned lawyer uses his knowledge and courtroom experience to defend the last of his family against a ruthless land baron. When his violent past comes to light, he is forced to choose what he has become and what he once was in order to make thing right.
A dying outlaw uses his final days to save his niece's husband, who is on trial for a murder he did not commit.
In the Old West, a mysterious drifter is nursed back from near death by a Native woman and her children. When the woman’s husband is wrongly accused of murder, the man recalls his experience as a lawyer to defend the man in court, eventually revealing his own unlikely connection to the family.
In 1886 Wyoming territory, an ex-lawman wanders the land after delivering revenge to his wife's killer. When he falls ill and is nursed back to health by a Native American woman, he agrees to use his past law experience to clear the man of a manufactured murder charge, but soon finds that his violent, tragic past is unexpectedly tied to the events of the trial.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Period, Western, Character Study, Corruption, Courtroom, Film, Film Noir, Racially Based
M White 50 Average
Unforgiven, To Kill A Mockingbird, Sherlock Holmes, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Longmire (TV), Jane Got A Gun, Deadwood (TV)
1868/ One Week.
100% Wyoming Territory including a small town, a saloon, a doctor's office, a farm, a barn, a lake, and various roads

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LIAM SLATTERY (50s), rides through a storm to parts unknown. Elsewhere, BIG JIM HANSON (60s) is playing chess with DOC FRAWLEY (60s), when they are interrupted by 'BEAR' MCLEARY (30s), who informs Big Jim about some business. JESSE HODGES (40s), is looking for more time to pay Big Jim his money, but Big Jim demands that he move off his property, along with his wife EMMY (30s), and her children JOHNNY (8) and SARAH (12). Big Jim wants the property to himself, but is vague about why.

Big Jim runs a small town alongside a saloon where his friend LONNIE MOSS (30s) routinely cheats at poker and guns down anyone who challenges him. TEXAS ROSE (30s), one of the saloon's prostitutes, asks Big Jim to allow her to leave and care for her sick mother. Big Jim agrees, offering her to work the rest of the week with double pay. Liam makes his way into a barn to sleep while also fighting a cough that causes him to spit up blood. He awakens to find himself threatened by a dog named SKY along with a gun-wielding Emmy. He tries to leave, but passes out from his illness. Emmy takes him inside to...
Reader 1 Comments
A dying outlaw uses his final days to save his niece's husband, who is on trial for a murder he did not commit. "Requited" is a unique blend of Western, film noir, and detective genres to deliver a nicely paced and well written drama that can potentially be an intriguing entry in the Western genre. Compelling characters, unexpected revelations, and a finely delivered emotional heft gives "Requited" weight and likability, with only minor notes on the overall craft....
Reader 2 Comments
This Western feature framed as a courtroom drama has some strengths in narrative aim and character action. However, a missing sense of intended mystery stalls some suspense, limits the tone, and keeps the more original blend of genres from fulfilling their respective potential. An active central character with a pretty strong motive drives the plot, but he isn’t as complex as he could be because his flaws seem to be a thing exclusively of the past. Obstacles to the trial are successful to a degree, but could use additional sources to better complicate the plot to satisfaction. A somewhat late start to the chief goal the character pursues slightly damages both pace and structure. While there is room for improvement in a range of areas here, this draft works as a strong foundation for future revisions....
Reader 3 Comments
“Requited” is a Western thriller about a sheriff turned lone rider who must use his lay background to exonerate his Native American niece’s husband of a murder charge. An intense set of circumstances effectively set up good external obstacles, but the protagonist’s biggest emotional struggles are left in his backstory, removing some of the emotional component of his journey towards redemption. Tonally, the narrative is consistent with the themes it contains and the genre it embodies. Quite a few elements are innately familiar, as is the general concept, but there’s a surprisingly and rather successful blending of genres that deserves credit. Structure and pacing support an engaging experience, but could benefit from several edits that maximize the time spent exploring the fundamentals of concept and character. In general, “Requited” achieves its aim of delivering a classic Western narrative, and it has the definite potential to be a piece that’s defined more by character than action. Efforts at developing the material further are recommended and welcomed....