• Inner City
  • Dan Gilroy
  • Black List Drama Hit List No Manager 2016 Thriller Available
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Market March 18, 2016
Director Dan Gilroy
Agent Scott Greenberg (CAA)
Kept under wraps.
A civil rights lawyer is forced to join a new firm when his boss falls into a coma after a heart attack. There, he loses track of what is important to him.
A lawyer gets caught up in criminal subterfuge that undermines the values he stands for.
A civil rights lawyer struggles to find his way following the death of his partner and closure of his firm.
Drama, Political, Corruption, Courtroom, Law/Legal, Lawyer, Murder, Racially Based
M Black 60 Average
"A Few Good Men", "The Verdict", "Philadelphia", "Mindhunter" (TV Series), "Wolf of Wallstreet", "My Cousin Vinny"
Present day, over the course of a few weeks
Downtown Los Angeles, legal office, small apartment, beach, subway

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A legal brief is being typed. The audience reads that ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. (Adult) is bringing forth a legal case against himself for being a hypocrite and abandoning his values.

In a different scene, Roman sits in his cramped office, answering phone calls and preparing legal documents for the day. Roman and his partner, WILLIAM HENRY JACKSON (85) work in civil rights cases, with some criminal defense work on the side. Roman looks nostalgically at photos of himself and William as they led activist marches during the Civil Rights Movement.

Their secretary, VERNITA (75) receives a phone call, notifying her that William has had a heart attack. She rushes to the hospital, and urges Roman to get continuances on their current cases. Instead, Roman goes to the courthouse and tries to handle the cases himself. His lack of social skills and temper quickly result in him being held in contempt of court.

The next day, William’s niece, LYNN JACKSON (Adult) and GEORGE PATEL (30’s), a corporate lawyer, arrive at Roman’s office. They inform him that the firm will be shut, and that George will take on the cases that William did not finish. Recognizing Roman’s legal genius, George offers him a job,...