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Market March 8, 2016    Sold April 22, 2016
Director Noah Hawley
Producer Leigh Kittay, John Cameron, Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, Jake Wagner
Manager  (Benderspink)
Agent  (Verve)
Studio Fox
The script from Greenberg, a first-time scribe from New Jersey, came in to Scott Stoops at Benderspink via Aengus McLoone, who developed the script with the writer and is attached in a producing capacity.
A Man is the last survivor of an alien takeover, which left all the people alive- but united them to one mind under the alien named Barry.
A Man is the last survivor of an alien takeover, which left all the people alive- but united them to one mind under the alien named Barry.
After an alien takeover that absorbed the human population, which hooked them all into one alien brain, lone survivor immune to this takeover, struggles to find his purpose and passion in life.
A Man immune to an alien takeover unhappily lives on, while all Americans are united under the mind of an alien named Barry.
Sci-fi, Adventure, Alcohol, Alien, Apocalyptic, Battle, Dramedy, Murder, Survival, Violence/Violent
M Unspecified 35 Average
Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. The Truman Show. I am Legend. Zombieland. The Faculty.
A couple of weeks. Present day. A couple of weeks in flashbacks.
House, Backyard, Front yard, Rural road, Creek, Hotel room, Pool, Mall, Office, Barn, Hospital.

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On a very well kept street, on the only house who's lawn isn't kept, we meet MAN(30's), who waking up hung over.

Man walks out and meets his neighbor, whom he calls BARRY(?).

Man goes to the office, where his BOSS(30) talks to him about the fact he hasn't come in over a year and that he doesn't have to- his boss does his work for him. Man gets upset about his colleagues switching the water cooler and the photocopy machine positions. He addresses the boss as Barry as well. Man goes to the mall's food court where everything is as perfect as it was on the street and the office. He gets into a madness violent rampage and kills a bunch of people with an ax. FLASHBACK- THREE YEARS AGO- Man looks much better as he is having a nice conversation with his wife in their living room. PRESENT- Man is visited by a police officer and a business woman who asks him to come in for more tests. He insists on driving. On the road we see a line of perfectly aligned cars, driving bumper to bumper in an efficient fashion. At the hospital, The doctor runs more tests on...
Reader 1 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
"Man Alive" introduces us to Man, the last survivor of an alien takeover who cannot be infected by the alien- Barry. As Man spends most of his days lonely, drunk and depressed, He will have to join forces with Barry to fight a new imminent threat. The premise of "Man Alive" supplies a very original and intriguing Idea, since most films revolve around the takeover process and not the world after it. The character of Man and its supporting cast are well explored and even though an actual meaningful arc isn't provided for the protagonist, he manages to be compelling and evoke empathy all at the same time. The structure doesn't follow the traditional 3 act structure and uses many tools such as dream sequences and flashback to reveal new details and backstory. The structure is solid and works fine all the same. Although the dialogue doesn't have much subtext to it, it is very well nuanced and helps differentiate between characters. The pacing is well timed as "Man Alive" flows coherently trough its 99 pages. As the craft needs some work, the entirety of "Man Alive" is a unique, original, interesting and well-executed script, and even if done with a low budget, can provide an interesting tale with deep themes running through an action-spiced story....
Reader 2 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
A lonely man lives on a desolate Earth after an alien takeover. People are still alive but they are not themselves since they are all attached to one alien brain. “Man Alive” has an engaging premise that can add new perspective to the sci-fi post-apocalyptic genre. Characters, although few, are all compelling with distinguishable personalities. Man’s backstory is clear, but his character motivations are weak until he discovers there’s another human still left on Earth. This is not revealed until the second half, which hurts “Man Alive” from a structural perspective as some repetitive scenes, especially in the first half, could hurt audience engagement. This also hurts internal and external conflicts in the first part of “Man Alive.” Although Man fights off Purple Aliens, the external threat is almost non-existent because he is immune to their mutations. These threats also do not hit Man from an internal level, because he has no emotional engagement to what he’s doing, he merely wants to be left alone by Barry. However, once Maya is introduced to the picture conflict, structure and character motivations vastly improve. With her, Man now has reason to live and hope again, which allows Daniel’s threats to hit Man at an emotional and external level. Although some dialogue can be on the nose sometimes and feel expository, it helps create compelling and distinguishable characters. A couple of tweaks in structure, conflict, and character could allow “Man Alive” to flourish as an exciting Sci-Fi thriller....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Consider)
Despite being a survivor, of a mass alien takeover, Man is anything but surviving. He is at a loss without human companionship, most specifically without his wife. “Man Alive” has a lot of potential, however there are lapses in logic and narrative that are need of fixing before production. Moreover, the originality and premise is engaging and enticing, as such there is good material waiting to be developed. There is a character arc for the protagonist, and dynamic supporting characters. There is a strong thematic question, but the plotline is structured confusingly. While, the piece is written in three-act structure, the pacing is off with the call to action happening late in the story. Small weaknesses are a couple lapses in logic, and minor grammatical errors....