• Mother (Michael L. Green)
  • Michael L. Green
  • Black List Drama Hit List No Agent 2016 Thriller Unrepped
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Market February 5, 2016
Manager James Engle (Echo Lake)
A girl raised by an android in a subterranean bunker, told that she is the only human alive, realizes that is not the case when another woman comes across the bunker.
Action, Sci-fi, Daughter, Escape, Female, Female Protagonist, Futuristic, Mother, Mother/Daughter
F Unspecified 17 Fit
Blade Runner 2049, Ex Machina, Fallout 3 and 4 (videogames), Terminator
Unspecified dystopian future, scenes over the course of 17 years.
Mostly rooms inside a subterranean bunker. Some scenes in cornfield and truck trailer.

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Android, MOTHER, creates human DAUGHTER (0) from fetus in tank. Mother is shown caring for infant Daughter.

Daughter (5) is shown the tanks of other fetuses that will one day become her siblings.

Mother and Daughter (17) sit together while Daughter eats lunch. Daughter oils Mother's wrist and goes off to practice ballet.

Mother teaches Daughter in a classroom. They discuss moral issues. Daughter is reminded of her exam the next day.

In the night, Daughter sees a cockroach. She chases after it, finding an escape tunnel from the bunker. She catches the cockroach.

In the morning, Daughter shows Mother the cockroach. Mother incinerates it claiming it could be contaminated.

While mother cleans, Daughter pretends to practice ballet in order to examine the emergency exit again. In the locker room just before the exit, Daughter finds CBRN suits.

For Daughter's birthday, mother gives her another set of identical pajamas to replace the ones she incinerated after the cockroach incident.

In the night, Daughter sneaks back to the emergency exit. She hears banging on the door and lets in a female DRIFTER (30s) who has been shot. This sets off an alarm and Mother comes running. Daughter hides Drifter.

Daughter starts her exam and Mother leaves to take care of...