• I, Tonya
  • Steven Rogers
  • Black List Comedy Drama Hit List No Manager Produced 2016
  • 84
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Market January 28, 2016    Sold October 21, 2016
Actor Margot Robbie
Producer Bryan Unkeless, Tom Ackerley, Steven Rogers
Executive Len Blavatnik, Aviv Giladi
Agent Bayard Maybank, Robert Hohman (Gersh)
Financier Access Industries Film
Sales Agent Sierra/Affinity
Story centers on the irony free, wildly contradictory, totally true interviews with Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly.
The story of Tonya Harding, an Olympic figure skater who changed the game with her flamboyant talent and her scandalous boyfriend.
A look into the life of Tonya Harding, the infamous ice skater and world phenomenon after being connected with the assault of fellow American skater Nancy Kerrigan.
Based on the life of Olympic Ice Skater Tonya Harding, who becomes infamous when she finds herself in the middle of a huge scandal.
Comedy, Drama, Sports, Adaptation, Biopic, Athlete, Celebrity, Conspiracy, Dramedy, Female, Female Protagonist, Mother/Daughter
F White 44 Unattractive
Best in Show (2000), This is Spinal Tap (1984), Ice Princess, Black Swan
Present, one time interview and 1980s-1990s, Tonya Harding's life
trailer park, mall, ice rink, Olympics, Nationals, truck, motel room, movie theater, King's Buffet restaurant, garage, Oregon forest, offstage practice area, locker room, Jeff and Tonya's house, bar

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TONYA HARDING (44), JEFF STONE (middle aged, ex-boyfriend), LAVONA GOLDEN (70s, mother), SHAWN ECKHART (middle aged, bodyguard), MARTIN MADDOX (50s, reporter), DIANE RAWINSON (late 60s, coach) are brought in to interview about Tonya Harding's career and life. It starts with Tonya's upbringing is full of abuse. Her mother Lavona is physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive, as well as poor and confrontational. However, with the little money she had, she got Tonya, at just 3 and a half years old, a coach (Diane). Tonya showed great promise, but was set on being different. This came from the poor homemade quality of her dresses and her song choices, all resulting in poor scores from judges, even though she would routinely out-skate her competition. At age 15, Tonya meets her soon to be boyfriend Jeff and his friend Shawn, both 18. They bond over trucks, but Jeff begins hitting her months later. Tonya thinks at the time it is normal and that she even deserved it, seeing as her mother would hit her constantly. Present day Tonya breaks her story to say that she has a source that told her Shawn and Nancy planned the whole assault together and pinned it on Tonya...
Reader 1 Comments
"I, Tonya" is the real story of Tonya Harding, a former Olympic figure skater and her rise and fall in a sport that wasn't meant for her. As Tonya's story is unique to itself, she is accompanied by a cast of misfits delinquents who both abuse her and push her forward. As the premise sounds early on like many underdog sports films, slowly trough the first act Tonya's life becomes much more compelling, with the script's solid structure, which hits most plot-points hard and on time. The characters of both the protagonist Tonya and her pageant-mom mother and abusive boyfriend are all entertaining while having a depth to them as well. The conflicts are strong and clear, starting with the external- succeeding in figure skating- and ending with the internal conflict of Tonya and her effort to overcome her backstory. The dialogue is well written, keeping it short and to the point, while succeeding in not being unnatural or on-the-nose, and giving each character a unique voice. "I, Tonya" is well paced, keeping tension at all times, and while it has some unnecessary scenes, they do not hurt the film's ability to compel us into Tonya's life. Although starting off feeling like "another sports movie", "I, Tonya" rises above the genre using the interviews as a tool for making it feel more real, as well as providing several angles to what actually happened, keeping "the truth" subjective to each one, and the characters fault- a mystery....
Reader 2 Comments
Tonya Harding, along with her mother, ex-boyfriend, and other characters related to the incident before the 1994 Olympics between her and Natasha Kerrigan, explain her life before, during, and after that fatal point history. This premise is a very exciting and marketable one, as this story is known across the world. The structure is very interesting and works very well, as it cuts between present day interview and re-enactments of the past, all to create the tone of something like a mocumentary - it is too good too be true. The characters are all so interesting, bizarre, and unique, that they too help with that great tone. There is conflict throughout, between characters, the world, and especially surrounding the protagonist Tonya. The dialogue is also very strong, and helps add more depth and realism to the characters, while also adding to the general feel of chaos. The writing is also strong, as scenes are never confusing and written with clear understanding of screenwriting mechanics and format. Overall,this film is very marketable and very well written....
Reader 3 Comments
Based on the life of Tonya Harding, who overcomes a difficult upbringing to become an Olympic ice skater. However, she finds herself in the middle of a highly publicized and controversial accusation when she is connected to her rival skater’s assault. “I, Tanya’s” premise carries great promise as the main character Tonya feels uniquely out of place in the figure skating world. Tonya, an abrasive, blunt, competitor happens to love a game that’s praised for its elegance, virtue, and tranquility, which everything Tonya is not. This gives opportunity for irony, comedic laughs, and great character work. Tonya’s character has potential, but her reactionary approach to her abusers like Lavona and Jeff hurts her character. In fact, they are precisely the obstacle that prevents Tonay from reaching her goal of realizing her potential as a figure skater. The fact that Tonya does not take her obstacles head on, also hurts the vitality of the external conflict and developing stakes. Conflict is weak in the first half because it does not establish the stakes at an external or internal level if Tonya were to fail in figure skating. The dialogue is superb as it helps create distinguishable characters, generates laughs, and it is rarely on the nose. Even though there are some repetitive beats in the first half, structure is still good as especially the last half. Craft is great as scene descriptions are concise and help create Tonya’s world of figure skating. “I, Tonya” has great potential as elements like conflict, structure, and character vastly improve once Nancy is injured. If these elements can be tweaked in the first half, “I, Tonya” could become a compelling drama....