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Market June 12, 2012
Manager Mikhail Nayfeld, Markus Goerg, Dick Hillenbrand (Heroes & Villains Entertainment)
After his wife is murdered, a mild mannered teacher and his son have nowhere to turn but to the clan of Irish gypsies that he once belonged to.
A man who in a former life was a gypsy turns to his family of thieves to exact revenge for his wife's murder.
When his wife is mysteriously murdered, an ex-criminal must uncover her work to catch the killers.
Action, Thriller, Film, Heist, Revenge
M White 45 Average
The Fugitive
Present, A Few Days
About 20% takes place in an upscale townhouse and another 20% in a turn of the century house. Locations include woods, classroom, school hallway, suburban townhouse, police station, streets, parking garage, RV, early 1900s-style house, caravan, train, parking lot, office, subway station and tunnels, ballroom, empty warehouse, bridge, camp in Ireland. Brief flashback to night club, hotel, and market.

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The day after his son JOEY's (14) birthday, PAUL LAMBERT (40s) arrives home to find his wife, GRETCHEN (40s) bleeding out. As she dies, a black car peels out of the driveway.

Paul and Joey go to the police station, where Paul is interrogated by DETECTIVE ERLING (40s). Paul admits that he is from Canada, but Erling questions why there are no records of him ever being there. Before he can answer, FBI AGENT WRIGHT (?) interrupts the interrogation because of Gretchen's involvement in the press. He releases Paul.

On the way home, Paul and Joey are chased by the black car. To Joey's surprise, Paul displays some skillful driving tricks and they are able to lose the other car. They drive to a hidden trailer camp, Reilly Town, where Paul asks his secret wife, FIANNA (30s), and his father, JOE SR. (70s) for help. Joe Sr., still resentful that Paul left the town, rejects his son's pleas.

Meanwhile, at a charity dinner for his son SENATOR JOHN GATESKILL (30s), DEXTER GATESKILL (60s) receives a visit from MACY (?), who is part of the group tracking down Paul.

Paul and Joey sneak back into their house to search for Gretchen's red notebook that she...
Reader 1 Comments
When his wife is murdered for something she knew, Paul Lambert reveals to his son Joey that he is not who he appears to be when he takes him to a camp of Irish gypsies. The pace is quick with high action and high stakes, logic is sound and the writing is quick and detailed. The title could use revision as its meaning is never stated and the family is only referred to as “lambs” in a single line of action description (83.4)...
Reader 2 Comments
Paul is a husband and father. He never says much about his past. When he returns home one day to find his wife dead, he turns to his real family of gypsies for help and lets son Joey in on his family heritage. The Reillys are a house of thieves, and Joey is about to help his father, his grandfather, and his father's wife from a previous marriage get payback for the murder of Joey's mother. An underdeveloped premise and missing characterization to the beginning and ending action sequences keep "Lambs" from being a fully realized narrative....
Reader 3 Comments
"Lambs" is an action-packed mission that follows Paul, an ordinary schoolteacher who must return to his old lifestyle to avenge his murdered wife. The premise sets up a conflict that offers many opportunities for the appropriate cat-and-mouse chases and creates intrigue through the mysterious scandal that Paul's wife had been investigating. Although the protagonist is well-developed, some minor characters aren't used to their full potential. Also, the overall tone could be better established, as some moments are serious but others have a more fun and upbeat effect. The writing contains no critical errors....