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Market June 12, 2012
Agent Mike Esola (WME)
Manager Will Rowbotham, Laura Gillis (Prolific Entertainment)
The crew of a commercial fishing boat are terrorized by an unknown monster after they venture into waters that are reportedly haunted.
When desperation drives a crew of crab fisherman into restricted waters, they pull something from the water that starts turning the crew into sickening monsters.
A crab fishermen, with their own reality show, discover a deadly alien that transforms crew members into monsters when they abandoned the usual fishing spots for a notorious location deep in Russian waters.
Horror, Alien, Film, Found Footage, Monster
M White 23 Average
Cloverfield, Deadliest Catch, Alien, The Thing
Present/A few weeks
100% takes place on a crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea. There are scenes on deck, below deck in several cabins, and in the dark sublevel of the ship.

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A handheld camera shows Russian fisherman pulling a lifeboat from "the Phoenix" out of the Bering Sea. Inside is a creature that attacks the crew, cutting the feed. The crew of the Phoenix sets out on its final catch of the season. Also on board is a film crew, lead by the producer AMANDA (40s), who interviews greenhorn SAM PARKER (20s) and decides to add him to the roster. DENNY (40s) tells his older brother, the ship’s Captain ERIK (40s), that the film crew was the only way to save the business and that a big haul is the only hope they have of keeping the boat. The crew sets sail but is immediately met with little success, bringing in meager pots. Erik decides to go into waters that are reportedly haunted, a place called the Dreadnaught. The crew is spooked but when they start to fish the yield is enormous, and they pull in tons of crab. However, one of the crew members, QUASHA (20s), pulls up a massive pod covered in black spines. Soon he show signs of some kind of illness, making him vomit black bile which he gets on fellow crewmember SID (50s). Both men become...
Reader 1 Comments
This suspenseful horror tale, following the struggles of a commercial fishing crew and the documentary film crew onboard with them as they combat a mysterious foe from haunted waters, unfolds at an excellent pace, features some distinct characters, and balances strong conflicts in an authentically drawn setting....
Reader 2 Comments
A beleaguered crew of crab fisherman brings aboard a reality TV film crew to save the ship from becoming financially insoluble. But when the final catch of the season brings in a mysterious pod that begins turning members of the crew into monsters, they have to save themselves and the world from the evil they have brought up from the depths. “Dreadnaught” has a solid premise. Characters are likable and their dialogue is solid. The pacing is good and the structure works without any noticeable problems....
Reader 3 Comments
This is an entertaining and well structured found-film, horror movie that lacks a believable and unique monster. Loaded with thrills, scary songs, and ghost stories it's a shame that the creature couldn't have been more original. Blake Snyder would classify this as belonging to the "Monster in the House" genre, and while it delivers all of the promised story beats it's monster has potential to be so much more....